List of Bank Branches with Code for Fresh Notes

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List of Banks Branches with Code for Fresh Banknotes in July 2015/Eid Ul Fitr 1436 AH

Karachi/Islamabad (Sunday, July 5, 2015) – State Bank of pakistan (SBP) has issued the List of E-Branches for Fresh/new BankNotes issuance on Eid-ul-Fitr 2015 in current month of Ramadan ul-Mubarak 1436 A.H.

Note the Bank Branch Code and Send SMS from Your Mobile Phone on 8877 Short SMS Code. Format of message should be as under:-

CNIC Space Bank Code


3630212536741 150

How to Send SMS for New-Fresh NotesList of E-Branches for Fresh Banknotes Issuance on Eid-ul-Fitr 2015
City — Branch Reference/ Code for Public — Branch Name — Branch Address
Bahawalpur         001             Meezan Bank Ltd                Dubai Chowk
Bahawalpur         002             MCB Bank Ltd                   Farid gate
Bahawalpur         003             Bank Al Falah Ltd              Circular road
Dera Ismail Khan   004             United Bank Ltd                Chashma Chowk Branch, D.I.Khan
Dera Ismail Khan   005             Habib Metropolitan Bank        Bannu Road, Faisal Market
Dera Ismail Khan   006             Meezan Bank Ltd                Circular Road, D.I.Khan
Dera Ghazi Khan    007             Meezan Bank Ltd                Meezan Bank Ltd Jampur Road D.G.Khan
Dera Ghazi Khan    008             MCB Bank Ltd                   MCB, Microwave Tower, College Road, D.G. Khan
Dera Ghazi Khan    009             United Bank Ltd                Azmat road, DG Khan
Faisalabad         010             MCB Bank Ltd                   Tandlianwala, Quaid-e-Azam Road, Tandlianwala Distt Faisalabad
Faisalabad         011             Askari Commercial Bank Ltd     Khurrianwala Branch -Jhuma Road, Faisalabad
Faisalabad         012             Habib Bank Ltd                 MAMUKANJAN TEH.TANDLIANWALA, FAISALABAD
Faisalabad         013             Habib Metropolitan Bank        Sargodha Road, FSD
Faisalabad         014             Soneri Bank Ltd                Painsra Branch
Faisalabad         015             National Bank of Pakistan      Kohinoorcity  Branch Faisalabad
Faisalabad         016             Meezan Bank Ltd                MILLAT CHOWK BRANCH, 158-B-1, GULISTAN COLONY NO. 2,
Faisalabad         017             The Bank of Punjab             Ghala Mandi,Chak Jhumra
Faisalabad         018             Faysal Bank Ltd                Samanabad-650-A Industrial Labour colony, Faisalabad
Gujranwala         019             MCB Bank Ltd                   MCB Tower Gujranwala
Gujranwala         020             National Bank of Pakistan      Civil Line Branch Gujranwala
Gujranwala         021             Askari Commercial Bank Ltd     Sahrahe Quaid-e-Azam, Rahwali Cantt, Gujranwala
Gujranwala         022             Meezan Bank Ltd                Wapda Town Gujranwala
Gujrat             023             Habib Bank Ltd                 Circular Road
Gujrat             024             National Bank of Pakistan      Main Branch
Hyderabad          025             Habib Bank Ltd                 Station Road Hyderabad
Hyderabad          026             Habib Bank Ltd                 Qasimabad
Hyderabad          027             MCB Bank Ltd                   Unit #7 Latifabad
Hyderabad          028             JS Bank Ltd                    Saddar Bazar Cantonment
Hyderabad          029             Soneri Bank Ltd                Prince Ali Road
Islamabad          030             MCB Bank Ltd                   Shop No. 1-7, Amin Centre, Lehtrar Road, Near Khana Brigde, Islamabad.
Islamabad          031             Bank Al Falah Ltd              4-A, I-10 Markaz, Islamabad
Islamabad          032             Faysal Bank Ltd                Rawal Arcade, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad
Islamabad          033             First Women Bank Ltd           Umer Plaza, G-9 Markaz, Islamabad.
Islamabad          034             MCB Bank Ltd                   Aabpara Market, G-6, Islamabad.
Islamabad          035             Soneri Bank Ltd                Shop No. G-1, Silver city Plaza G-11 Markaz, Islamabad
Islamabad          036             Habib Bank Ltd                 G-13/4, Islamabad
Islamabad          037             Meezan Bank Ltd                Plot No. 18, Family Plaza, G-15, Islamabad.
Islamabad          038             United Bank Ltd                R- Block, Pakistan Secretariat Br. Islamabad
Islamabad          039             Bank Al Habib Ltd              Plot No. 1 Kamal Centre, Phase I, Main Road PWD, Islamabad
Jehlum             040             Habib Bank Ltd                 RAMDIN BAZAR JHELUM
Jehlum             041             Bank Al Falah Ltd              67- Kazam Kamal Road
Jehlum             042             United Bank Ltd                UBL Civil Line Jhelum Branch
Jhang              043             Allied bank Ltd                SHORKOT CITY, JHANG
Jhang              044             United Bank Ltd                Distt. Courts, Jhang, UBL, Tehsil & District Jhang
Jhang              045             Albaraka Bank (Pakistan) Ltd   Adjacent Tameer Bank, Civil Line Road, Jhang.
Karachi            046             Silk Bank Ltd                  ZN Tower, Bahadur Yar Jung Co-operative Housing Society Block-3 Bahadurabad
Karachi            047             BankIslami Pakistan Ltd        31-C, Badar Commercial, 26th Street, Phase-V,  D.H.A., Karachi.
Karachi            048             JS Bank Ltd                    Ground Floor ,Shaheen Commercial Complex,Dr.Ziauddin Ahmed Road ,Karachi
Karachi            049             Askari Commercial Bank Ltd     REGAL CHOWK PREEDY STREET SADDAR
Karachi            050             Faysal Bank Ltd                Q-14, Ground Floor, Sector 33-A, Korangi No. 2, Karachi
Karachi            051             Sindh Bank Ltd                 Quarter No.14/10, Block-5 D, Landhi
Karachi            052             Summit Bank Ltd                Plot # 118/A-B, Shop # 02,03,04 Ground Floor Rufi Paradise Block-18 Gulistan-e-Jauhar.
Karachi            053             Albaraka Bank (Pakistan) Ltd   Provincial Trade Centre, Block 13-B,  Mian University Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.
Karachi            054             Standard Chartered Bank        S.I.T.E SCB Branch, Karachi
Karachi            055             Soneri Bank Ltd                Silver Jubilee Centre, Britto Road, Garden East, Karachi
Karachi            056             Samba Bank Ltd                 Ibrahim Trade Tower, 8 Maqbool Co-operative Housing Society, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi
Karachi            057             First Women Bank Ltd           Salman Tower ,Opp Raza Residencies ,Nadira office near Malir Court  Karachi
Karachi            058             Soneri Bank Ltd                NP-6, Nawab Mohabat Khan Road Lea Market, Napier Quarters, Karachi.
Karachi            059             BankIslami Pakistan Ltd        Plot No.124, Keamari Township, Karachi
Karachi            060             Habib Metropolitan Bank        Plot No. SB-001, Sector-X, Sub sector-II, Gulshan-e-Maymar, Karachi
Karachi            061             Habib Metropolitan Bank        7-A, Mustafa Market, Block-G, Barkat-e-Hyderi, Karachi
Karachi            062             United Bank Ltd                Khatoon Market Liaquatabad No:3, Karachi
Karachi            063             BankIslami Pakistan Ltd        Shadman Town Branch, KDA Flats Phase # 3, Sector 14/B Shadman Town No. 1
Karachi            064             Habib Bank Ltd                 Federal B Area Block 2, Azizabad, Karachi
Karachi            065             Meezan Bank Ltd                3-A-1/13, Nazimabad No. 3, Karachi
Khairpur           066             Habib Bank Ltd                 Mall Road Khairpur
Khairpur           067             Allied bank Ltd                Kachehri Road Khairpur
Kharian            068             National Bank of Pakistan      Kharian City
Lahore             069             Allied bank Ltd                Plot no. 112, Civic Center, Liaquat Chowk, Sabzazar.
Lahore             070             Albaraka Bank (Pakistan) Ltd   16, Commercial Area Cavalry Ground Lahore
Lahore                071              Bank Al Falah Ltd                  13- Ravi Road
Lahore                072              Bank Al Falah Ltd                  F-6, Gulshan Ravi
Lahore                073              BankIslami Pakistan Ltd            Raheem Road, Opposite Misri Shah Exchange
Lahore                074              The Bank of Punjab                 Main Road, Shad Bagh
Lahore                075              Burj Bank                          6-B. Main Road, Shah Alam Market
Lahore                076              Dubai Islamic bank                 10-K Main Boulevard Gulberg
Lahore                077              Faysal Bank Ltd                    310- Upper Mall, Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam,
Lahore                078              Habib Metropolitan Bank            16-D, Wahdat Road
Lahore                079              Habib Bank Ltd                     53-Circular Road
Lahore                080              JS Bank Ltd                        Plot # 3, 21- Lake Road, chauburji
Lahore                081              MCB Bank Ltd                       s-10, c Block, Model Town, Bank Square
Lahore                082              Meezan Bank Ltd                    Chowk Shalimar GT Road Baghbanpura
Lahore                083              Meezan Bank Ltd                    Shakam Chowk Canal Road
Lahore                084              NIB Bank Ltd                       258-E-2 Wapda Town
Lahore                085              Silk Bank Ltd                      G,T Road, Bata Pur.
Lahore                086              Soneri Bank Ltd                    commercial Area  Main Boluevard  Road, DHA
Lahore                087              Summit Bank Ltd                    S-38-R, Urdu Bazar Chowk, 205 Circular Road
Lahore                088              United Bank Ltd                    Hanjerwal, Multan Road
Lalamusa              089              MCB Bank Ltd                       Lalamusa
Larkana               090              MCB Bank Ltd                       CS No.1775, Ward ‘A’, Old Anaj Mandi, Larkana
Larkana               091              Faysal Bank Ltd                    City Survey No. 2016/ 4-A Ward C Faysal Bank Chowk, Fish Market Larkana
Larkana               092              Habib Bank Ltd                     Bunder Road Larkana
Mirpurkhas            093              MCB Bank Ltd                       Grain Market
Mirpurkhas            094              Bank Al Falah Ltd                  Umerkot Road
Multan                095              Allied bank Ltd                    ABL Tower, 63-B, Abdali Road Multan
Multan                096              National Bank of Pakistan          Districts Courts Branch, Multan
Multan                097              National Bank of Pakistan          Shah rukn e Alam Branch, Multan
Multan                098              Habib Bank Ltd                     Main Bazar , Mumtazabad, Multan
Multan                099              MCB Bank Ltd                       MCB, University Road, Bahadur Pur Multan
Multan                100              Meezan Bank Ltd                    92,93 & 94 LMQ Road Chowk Nawan Shaher
Multan                101              MCB Bank Ltd                       MCB, Khanewal Road, PO Rashidabad
Multan                102              The Bank of Punjab                 Quaid e Azam Road, Multan
Multan                103              United Bank Ltd                    Hussain Agahi Branch
Multan                104              Habib Bank Ltd                     Bosan Road, Multan
Nawabshah             105              MCB Bank Ltd                       Chakra Bazar
Nawabshah             106              JS Bank Ltd                        Masjid Road
Nawabshah             107              Soneri Bank Ltd                    Deh Nusrat Sanghar Road
Okara                 108              Bank Al Habib Ltd                  29-Block A, Mandi Road
Okara                 109              United Bank Ltd                    Depalpur Road
Pasrur                110              MCB Bank Ltd                       Ghala Mandi Branch
Peshawar              111              Faysal Bank Ltd                     IBB 6   Saddar Road. Tasneem Plaza Peshawar Cantt.
Peshawar              112              Habib Metropolitan Bank            95 A Saddar Road, Peshawar
Peshawar              113              Habib Bank Ltd                     Arbab Road, Peshawar Cantt.
Peshawar              114              Albaraka Bank (Pakistan) Ltd        PDA Building, Phase 5,Hayatabad, Peshawar.
Peshawar              115              First Women Bank Ltd               29   Mall Road, Peshawar Cantt.
Peshawar              116              Habib Bank Ltd                      Jamrud Road, University Campus, Peshawar.
Peshawar              117              NIB Bank Ltd                       17-20 Cantt. Plaza Fakhra Alam Road, Peshawar Cantt.
Peshawar              118              Soneri Bank Ltd                     Main Branch, Saddar Road, Peshawar.
Peshawar              119              Habib Metropolitan Bank             Khyber Bazar, Peshawar.
Peshawar              120              The Bank of Punjab                 Saddar Road, Peshawar.
Quetta                121              United Bank Ltd                    Hali Road
Quetta                122              National Bank of Pakistan          Main Jinnah Road Opposite Telenor Office
Quetta                123              Habib Bank Ltd                     Jinnah Road, Quetta
Quetta                124              Allied bank Ltd                    Zarghoon Road
Quetta                125              MCB Bank Ltd                       Liquat Bazar
Rahimyar Khan         126              Allied bank Ltd                    Abbasia Town
Rahimyar Khan         127              Soneri Bank Ltd                    Town hall Area
Rahimyar Khan         128              Standard Chartered Bank            13-Town Hall Road
Raiwind               129              Silk Bank Ltd                      Railway Road
Raiwind               130              National Bank of Pakistan          Ward No. 2, Town Committee Branch
Rawalpindi            131              Standard Chartered Bank            Phase 1 , Bahria Town Branch
Rawalpindi            132              Allied bank Ltd                    Main Commercial Centre, Chaklala III
Rawalpindi            133              MCB Bank Ltd                       Lalkurti Rawalpindi
Rawalpindi            134              Allied bank Ltd                    Kalma Chowk, Bakra Mandi
Rawalpindi            135              Askari Commercial Bank Ltd         Kamran Plaza Opposite Maani CNG Plot No. 2. Main Adyala Road Branch Rawalpindi
Rawalpindi            136              National Bank of Pakistan          Bank Road Saddar Rawalpindi
Rawalpindi            137              Askari Commercial Bank Ltd         Shop No. 2 & 3 Shabbir Plaza Opposite Bless Marriage Hall Saidpur Road
Rawalpindi            138              United Bank Ltd                    DHA , Phase 2
Rawalpindi            139              National Bank of Pakistan          Khanna Dak Chungi No 8, Muslim Town
Rawalpindi            140              The Bank of Punjab                 Shahnaz Plaza, IJP Road, Sector 4-C, Khyaban-e-Sir Syed
Sahiwal               141              MCB Bank Ltd                       MCB, Opposite DHQ Hospital, Kot Farid Sahiwal.
Sahiwal               142              Allied bank Ltd                    Liaqat Road Branch Sahiwal
Sahiwal               143              The Bank of Punjab                 Rashid Minhas Branch, Sahiwal
Sialkot               144              Askari Commercial Bank Ltd         Tariq Road, Cantt Branch
Sialkot               145              The Bank of Punjab                 Paris Road, Branch
Sukkur                146              Meezan Bank Ltd                    City Survey No.C-45 Station Road, Ward-C Sukkur Town, Taluka & Distruct Sukkur
Sukkur                147              Summit Bank Ltd                    Marich Bazar, Sukkur
Sukkur                148              Habib Metropolitan Bank            Shaheed Gunj Road, Sukkur
Sukkur                149              MCB Bank Ltd                       Frere Road, Sukkur
Sukkur                150              Allied bank Ltd                    Barrage Road Sukkur

List of Banks Branches with Code for Fresh Banknotes in July 2015 a
List of Banks Branches with Code for Fresh Banknotes in July 2015 a
List of Banks Branches with Code for Fresh Banknotes in July 2015 b
List of Banks Branches with Code for Fresh Banknotes in July 2015 b


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  1. BADAR

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    1. waqar

      mai apni nearest branch daikho konsi hy or branch id bhi daikho kasy lakhni hay.mai abhi ly k aya ho 18000 ki 10,20,50,100 ki copies ok apni branch dhondo in mai.

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    regards of chief minstet and governor state bank of pakistan.if you can not perfom the ability, pleasef finnished it. thank you with cursing.

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