Letter of Widow of Ex-Army Man for Pension Increase

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Letter of Widow of Ex-Army Man for Pension Increase

Pension increment: a plea
Letter to the Editor
Daily Dawn Lahore Dated April 26, 2013

I AM the widow of an ex-army man, the only institution of the country which is the hope of the common man. But it appears that this hope is also waning now.

Dawn letters to the Editor Section
Dawn letters to the Editor Section

The only source of my survival has been the pension of my late husband which I am getting from Shireen Jinnah Colony, Post Office vide PPO No FPO/OF/OR/ASC-59/Dec 1995 through A/c No170-F.
However, after the increase of pension by the government, with effect from July 2012, no increase in the pension has been allowed to me and, maybe, to many others like me as well.
Despite the passage of about nine months and also many reminders being sent by me to the Controller Military Accounts (CMA), Lahore, no action has been taken regarding it till date.
In these times of the spiraling cost of living, I am living a hand-to-mouth existence under extremely miserable conditions.
I have been compelled to utilise the medium of this newspaper to remind the CMA to please be kind enough to look into the plight of numerous pensioners like me and oblige.


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3 thoughts on “Letter of Widow of Ex-Army Man for Pension Increase

  1. nayab haider

    Assalam-o-Alikum, sir i have a question about retired in 2001 till 2013.
    my father was retired from 2002 from Pakistan Coast Guards karachi so my father was heared that there is coming letter for retired that there is some lakhs for these X-army men. Which was stoped rupees by R.GEN.PERVAIZ MUSHARRAF. so plzz tell me about this news.
    I will be very thanksfull to you.

  2. Zubair Ashraf

    Dear Sir
    I hpoe you will be fine.This is the first time that I am visiting this
    website.In fact earlier I was not aware
    from this website.It is matter of immense pleasure that you are devouting
    your precious time for
    Providing free assistance/services to poor helpless needy pensioners.I am
    pensioner paid from defence estimates.I have a pension problem in which I
    need your expert opinion/assistance pl:

    2. The pay scale of federal government employees was revised in November
    2001.I did not opted revised pay scale 2001.I was retired on old Pay Scale
    1994 .The 50% pension 50% commutation was paid to me as paid to pensioners
    retired on
    Pay sale 1994 before
    30.11.2001.The increses in pension 2009 and 2010 @ 20% has been granted to
    pensioners who retired before 30.11.2001 on
    Pay scale 1994 and to
    Pensioners who retired after 30.11.2001 ( optd
    pay scale 2001 @ 15% .My question is that those pensioners who did not
    avail the benefit of revised Pay Scale 2001 and retired on pay scale 1994
    after 30.11.2001 were deserving for increases pension 2009/2010 @ 20%
    instead of 15%.

    3.It is further clarified
    that for your info that in Finance Division’s O.M .No F-5 (2)-Reg /2002
    dated 2.7.2002 it was decided that all the benefit available under the
    pay scale 1994 shall continue for those who opted to remain in pay scale
    1994.Finance Division O.M scan copy att )

    4. It does not seem feasible that pensioners retired on the same scale
    have treated differently retired before 30.11.2001 @ 20 % and retired
    after 30.11.2001@ 15. which is contrary to rules in practice .

    4.Sir I am not aware from pension rules please help me to solve the problem

    With best regards.


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