Lahore: Scales Up-Gradation of WAPDA PEPCO Employees

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( Published in Daily English BUSINESS RECORDER  dated 06-12-2010 )

LAHORE: pay scales of computer staff, drawing staff have been upgraded as a result of bipartite meeting held between Wapda/Pepco management with the accredited representatives of Pakistan Wapda Hydro Electric Central Labour Union (CBA).
As a result of meeting Hill Allowance of the workers have been raised while non-generation employees working in Thermal Power Stations in shifts would get shift allowance.
The meeting also decided that Group Life Insurance Scheme for employees would be expended to benefit on the eve of their retirement and a committee has been constituted to formulate recommendations, while the grant of generation allowance to the non-generation employees working in Thermal Power Houses has also been raised.
Khurshed Ahmad General Secretary of the CBA Union apprised of the developments in the recent meeting to Business Recorder here on Sunday.


In Lahore Up-Gradation of WAPDA Employees has been decided after negotiation between WAPDA Hydro Electric Central Labour Union CBA and WAPDA management.

This will be implemented from October 15, 2010.

Up-Gradation of WAPDA Employees after negotiation between WAPDA Labour Union CBA and WAPDA management - Jang 6-12-2010
Up-Gradation of WAPDA Employees after negotiation between WAPDA Labour Union CBA and WAPDA management - Jang 6-12-2010

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5 thoughts on “Lahore: Scales Up-Gradation of WAPDA PEPCO Employees

  1. 626545

    sab k sab mulaazim preshaan hen kissi ko bhi labour laws k mutaabiqq kuch nhi milrhaa.. baaqi idaaroo m timescale upgradation routine m hy.. yahaa srf beurocrates ko faaedey deye jarhy hen.. duaa karo koi union level p tabdeeli aaey warna……………………………. sab rotey rahogy..

  2. fakir ali jamali Hesco Daur Nawab Shah

    Sir i am fakir ali jamali LM-II at Hesco Sub Division Daur sir my problms hy k main 28.02.1987 main as ALM join kea ur ab tk main LM-II bana Hoon mayra scale 07 th hy sarvice 27 year ho gy hy hamain to upgrade to na kea gy hy main educated hon B A kea hoa hy ap batain ky agy hama kea hoga jasy LDC ko 5 sy 7 kea gya hy LS-II to 11 sy 14 kea hy LS-I ko 13 sy 15 kea hy meter reader ko 5 sy 7 kea hy comarcail staff and coputer sataff ko bhee up grad kea hy afsose ky baat yeh hy ky jo line man moot sy kahalta hy us ko upgrade na kea gya hy mary appeal hy ky hamain bhe up grad kea jy warna sub ko same old grad main kro


    R/Sir I Farhat Ullha Khan Draftsman visited our CBA side first time in life and see news on main page regarding up gradation of wapda employees scales.
    In this regard I like to say thanks to al-Mighty Allah as well as our CBA from all Drawing staff,but it is very sorry to say that our union granted the up gradation to all categories minimum 02 scales higher in his category, but only draftsman grade ‘B” and Assistant Draftsman ignored completely and put beyond the justice up grated only ONE SCALE.
    Due to which we are not taking any benefit in house acquiring facility like Chief Draftsman, draftsman grade ‘A’ and Tracers.
    We are requested to you please do the negotiate with authority and compensate to us in the shape of special allowance for these categories or up grate one scale more from the date of 15.10.2010.
    We hope you will be taking the action in this regard as early as possible and giving us the justice.

  4. Umair Bhatti

    Dear Sir,
    I am umair Bhatti Working In M&T SEPCO Sukkur.
    Sir, My Father has been retired from Hesco on 01.01.2001, i do not know about the GLI policy. some one told me that your father may be claim for GLI. Sir give me better suggestion please


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