Labour Unions Demands Rights for Home Based Workers

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Labour Unions Demands Rights for Home Based Workers:
Lahore (March 6, 2011): Labour organisations/unions have urged the government to evolve a policy for the financial and legal empowerment of home based workers (HBWs).
Speaking at a press conference at the Lahore Press Club here on Sunday, officials representing workers’ bodies said that 70 per cent of the country’s economy consisted of informal sectors and that was rapidly enhancing the number of HBWs. “But, it is much discouraging for the HBWs, mostly women, as they are paid paltry wages of Rs500 to Rs2,000 per month,” Muttahida Labour Federation general-secretary Hanif Ramay said.
He said the HBWs were being deprived of their legal and financial rights, including registration, social security, regular and reasonable monthly income, pension and medical etc.
He said that industrialists were taking 12-hours duty from HBWs but deny them their legitimate rights under International Labour Organization Convention C177.
Home-Net Pakistan’s executive director Umm-iLaila said that the labour ministry had been devolved to provinces under the 18th Constitutional Amendment.
“This decision has made workers more vulnerable as the provinces are not liable to follow the ILO conventions. So, we fear that provinces will make legislation against interests of the workers,” she said.
Women Workers Union general-secretary Shaheena Kausar said that labour and civil society organisations have decided taking up this issue emphatically during rallies and other events in connection with International Women’s Day on Tuesday (tomorrow).
Former MNA Mehnaz Rafi urged the government to pay attention to deteriorating working conditions for women.
The labour leaders demanded of the government ensure provision of all rights to HBWs under the ILO conventions.

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