KPK govt approved timescale promotion policy for primary school teachers

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KPK govt approved timescale promotion policy for primary school teachers of the province

(News Report Published in The Express Tribune Pakistan on Tuesday, June 6th, 2017)

Peshawar (Tuesday, 6 June 2017) – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) government has approved long-awaited demands for a policy of timescale increase and grade promotion of primary school teachers in the province.
K-P Elementary and Secondary Education Media Advisor Najiullah Khattak confirmed to The Express Tribune that the government had approved the policy primary teachers had been protesting for since several years.
According to Khattak, the teachers’ community had presented a list of demands to the government and it was approved on Monday whereby teachers would be promoted onto the next basic pay scale (BPS) based on their time of service.
Khattak said under the approved policy,

  • Primary school teacher, who is usually hired in BPS-12, can now be promoted to up to BPS-17
  • Subject specialist up to BPS-19 and
  • Headmaster up to BPS-20.
KPK Govt School in a Village
KPK Govt School in a Village

It should be mentioned that primary school teachers have been struggling to get the timescale promotion policy approved for the past nine years because they usually end up retiring in the same BPS they were hired in.
The previous Awami National Party provincial government had approved the grade promotion policy, under which a primary school teacher can become a subject specialist or higher cadre official over time, but not the timescale increase policy.
In April, under the banner of the All Teachers Coordination Council (ATCC), primary teachers once again began a protest for timescale in all districts and also boycotted classes.
This time their list of demands included timescale increase without any government-set conditions; promotion of teachers; regularization of teachers appointed based on the NTS test; provision of teaching allowances; sons quota; the disbandment of the government’s Independent Monitoring Unit; a complete audit of education funds; and paid leaves.
ATCC K-P Spokesman Azizullah Khan lauded the government for approving the teachers’ demands. He explained that primary school teachers are appointed on BPS-12 and they often retire in the same scale.
“Under the new timescale policy, a teacher would now be promoted to the next scale every five years until they reach the highest scale in their respective position,” said Khan.
Similarly, with the newly-approved promotion policy in place, primary teachers can now be promoted to different cadres including, subject specialist, secondary school teacher and even headmaster.
All Primary Teachers Association (APTA) KPK President Malak Khalid Khan welcomed the government’s decision and congratulated teachers for their success. “It was our main demand and we have struggled for it since 2008. At last, we have succeeded,” he said.

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  1. KK

    Good decision by the govt.All the pst’s deserve the bps -14 due to high qualification.There is no need to jealous the SST’S and EST’S.

  2. Sofia

    Punjab hakomat ny scale upgrade kiye bhi tu 9-15 kia 16 sst walon se dushmani thi jo unhain just do 2 increments lagai wo bhi 2018 se. Sub log mohim chalao ta k humari awaz shayed shahbaz sharif tak pohanch jay or wo nazar sani kerain. Its not fair.

    1. admin

      Dear Sofia.
      PST BPS-14, EST BPS-15 and SST BPS-16.. That is very fair.. You know that the there is almost no difference of education between three categories of teachers..

      1. hsn

        first truth in world pst,s are mphil&sst,s are ma why cruelty with pst,s


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