KESC CBA Union Case, Supreme Court Judgement on 23/8/2012, Management press release

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KESC welcomes Supreme Court verdict in ex-CBA case    

Karachi (Saturday, August 25, 2012) – Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) welcomes the Supreme Court Verdict in a case which was lodged by the ex-CBA in 2011; strongly forewarning Illegal protesters from disrupting operations/ business; blocking public access to offices and harassing staff/consumers.
This verdict will go a long way in the interest of Public Service companies in particular and private sector companies in general. KESC also flagged caution that certain elements are engaging in the misinterpretation of the judgment in a misguiding manner which could invite untoward happenings.
In its landmark judgment on Thursday, the SC had categorically upheld KESC’s right to have free and unfettered access to its offices and installations without any blocking by the union activists or illegal strikers, KESC said.
The apex court order has stated that the union members would not indulge in any act which would either deny the access of the public or the KESC’s employees and officers to their office buildings, go-downs and installations or damage any public property or that of KESC. Needless to say that if any such act is committed, the law would take its own course.
In other words, simply put, it meant that the right to protest peacefully shall not and can not be flayed so as to harass or intimidate members of the public trying to access KESC’s office and/or its installations. Any failure by the violators to abide by this injunction, shall lead way for the law to initiate action against such subversive activity.
KESC’s advocate Abid S Zuberi had also explained in detail before the Supreme Court as to how the union members had historically been attacking KESC’s offices and installations and blocking access and movement of the utility’s employees, creating severe disruption in the normal functioning of the public utility.
KESC also contradicted the wrong impression created in a section of media to the effect that the Supreme Court had set aside Sindh High Court’s earlier order which had banned unlawful and violent protests last year. KESC said the SC verdict had in no way declared the SHC judgment as null and void but in fact had upheld it being on the same lines as that of the SC.(Press Release)

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