Karachi: Karachi University Teachers to Continue Exam Boycott

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(Published in Daily English “Dawn” on Wednesday, December 15, 2010)

Karachi: Karachi University teachers to continue exam boycott by Karachi University Teachers Society (Kuts) 
KARACHI, Dec 14: The Karachi University Teachers Society (Kuts) on Tuesday announced its decision to continue their boycott of exams until the university administration took measures to improve security on the campus.
Kuts executive council in a meeting held on Tuesday rejected the KU administration’s ‘unilateral decision’ of resuming the semester exams from Dec 20 and demanded that the administration must take the society into confidence over security measures.
“How could the administration decide to resume exams when it hasn’t taken any measures to improve the security situation on the campus?” members argued at the meeting, which was presided over by Kuts president Dr Abid Husnain.
A copy of the resolution passed by Kuts last month was produced at the meeting when members said that the society had already expressed their concerns over the situation before the start of the semester exams.
The resolution said: “Teachers on the campus are extremely concerned over their safety and dignity as the semester exams commence. The past incidents of harassment and exertion of political influence have made it amply clear that the university lacks a security system. Therefore, teachers have decided that they will not start any examination work till the administration ensures that they will not have to face any pressure from any quarters and that it will protect them from criminal activities. Teachers will stop working if any untoward incident occurred during the exams. It’s the administration’s responsibility to effec tively warn students regarding the repercussions — which include expulsion from the university — of violating the campus discipline. The general body meeting also expresses its concern over the increasing incidents of thefts, robberies and hooliganism on the campus and urges the vice-chancellor to take personal interest in the matter and help improve the situation in the university.” It is worth-mentioning here that Kuts had announced an indefinite boycott of exams after violence involving student groups on the campus last week. Six students were injured and a teacher was slightly hurt during a clash between members of the People’s Student Federation (PSF) and the Imamia Student Organisation (ISO).
The KU administration postponed the semester exams till Dec 19. Currently, ex ternal exams are going on with the cooperation of college teachers.
Student groups meet According to a KU press release issued on Tuesday, PSF and ISO have regretted the last week’s violent episode on the campus and promised not to become part of any conflict in the university in future.
It said that representatives of the two groups expressed the resolve at a meeting organised by the KU student adviser and members of the students’ advisory council.
They held out the assurance that they would not let any ‘personal dispute’ to lead to a conflict between parties next time, and also pledged that they would submit their complaints, if any, in writing in the student adviser office and accept the decision taken by the student advisory council.

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