JI wants minimum salary to be Rs. 10,000

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ISLAMABAD – Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Wednesday floated its budget proposals to the federal and provincial governments asking them to cut down non-development expenditures by 40% and reduce size of the federal and provincial cabinets to the half.
Addressing a news conference here, JI Central Secretary General Liaquat Baloch said the federal government should also impose a cut on expenses incurred on foreign tours of the president, prime minister and members of the federal cabinet. He also proposed that non-development expenses, particularly daily-basis expenditures like fuel for the cars of ministers, officials and their staff, should also be reduced to the half.
Liaquat Baloch also proposed the government to seek approval from the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) before increasing amount of development and non-development expenses once approved in the federal budget.
He maintained there was also a need to check misuse of official vehicles in the government, semi government and provincial government departments and ministries. He asked the government to come out of clutches of the IMF, set revenue targets at Rs2.5 trillion and bring all the people having Rs0.5 million per year income into the tax net and there should be no tax exemptions.
Baloch also asked the government to get rid of so-called war on terror which so far had incurred loss of $60 billion on country’s economy. Referring to shortfall in electricity, the JI leader asked to the government to find immediate solution to the circular debt so that production of electricity be enhanced to benefit domestic and industrial consumers to improve condition of national economy.
He also asked the government to give practical shape to Pak-Iran gas supply project to meet shortage of gas. He also asked the government to allocate funds in the budget for construction of new big dams in the country and also ensure implementation on water treaties with India and fair distribution of water among all the four provinces without any discrimination.
The JI leader expressed concerns over increasing gap between imports and exports, asking the government to ban import of unnecessary items and pay attention on increasing export of textile and leather value added items.
Observing that the inflation had increased to 15% during the fiscal year 2010-2011, he said the inflation should be maintained at single digit to control price hike in the country. Liaquat Baloch called upon the government to make National Accountability Bureau (NAB) more effective and organised in order to control corruption, give independent status to the institution and appoint NAB chairman with consultation of the opposition leader.
He also demanded of the government to fix minimum monthly wages of workers at Rs10,000 and improve social security system all over the country. The JI secretary general asked the government to encourage interest free economy and business in the country. He also proposed subsidy for consumers of electricity using upto 100 units per month.
(published in “TheNews” on Thursday, May 19, 2011)

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