Islamabad/Lahore: 20 Thousands Railway Staff Face Axe: Fare Hike 25%

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ISLAMABAD/LAHORE – Pakistan Railways (PR) will shortly announce hike in fares from 10 to 30 per cent for passengers, while the axing of over 10,000 employees is also under consideration.

20000 Railways Employees feared to be fired - Fare increased by 30 percent
20000 Railways Employees feared to be fired - Fare increased by 30 percent

“After the increase in Railway’s fares the total impact would be Rs2.332 billion per annum,” General Manager PR Isfaq Khattak informed the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Railways here on Thursday.
Khattak also rushed to remark that it was up to the Government to announce hike in fares as Pakistan Railways (PR) was charging un-revised fares since 2008.
It was under consideration to fire over 5000 temporary and 5000 permanent staff from the department, it was discussed in meeting.
It was informed that the Pakistan Railways (PR) devised staff reduction strategy under which 5,000 temporary staff (TLA) would be removed in 2010-11 that would save the Pakistan Railways Rs30 million and other 5,000 surplus staff would save it Rs65 million. While, in the year 2011-12, about 10,000 surplus staff would save the Pakistan Railways around Rs130 million.
The committee chaired by Sardar Ayaz Sadiq also unanimously passed a resolution requesting the Prime Minister for releasing 11.5 billion bail out package for the Railways as soon as possible otherwise the its operation would come to standstill.
“This is the criminal negligence of Government as the decisions are not implemented properly,” said Sardar Ayaz talking to The Nation after the meeting.
“If the proposal regarding firing of employees will come in committee, we will definitely oppose it. If they are interested to fire lower staff why they do not treat the employees of officials cadre in the same manner,” Khattak said, adding that this would create big political chaos if the situation was not improved immediately.
While in the meeting, General Manager Railways said that the POL prices linked with the prices in the international market but at the same time the same fate prices were not increased in PR. He said that the Cabinet in its recent meeting approved increase in fares but with condition to consult Finance Ministry on it.
He also informed the committee that 10 per cent increase in fare of passenger trains would generate Rs62 million per annum. Likewise, 15 per cent increase in fares of inter- city trains would generate Rs273 million per annum. He said that 20 per cent increase in fares of express trains Rs1.253 billion, 25 per cent increase in fares of non- stop trains would result earning of Rs471 million.

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