Islamabad: NIP starts issuing placement letters to 1600 internees

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NIP to start issuing placement letters to 1,600 internees

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Islamabad (April 8, 2011): National Internship Programme (NIP) will start issuing placement letters to 1,600 internees, to be deputed in federal capital, from April 11.
Talking to ‘The News’, NIP Director General Muntazir Hussain said that out of total scrutinised applications for year 2010 as many as 2,200 candidates preferred to be deputed in the capital. The candidates are given choice in the application form where they can mention the city of preference. “We called all 2,200 but only 1,600 confirmed. They will be issued placement letters on April 11, 12 and 13,” he said.
Initiated in 2007, the National Internship Programme (NIP) provides one-year job experience to youth while side-by-side addressing the chronic shortage of staff in various public sector organisations. The internees are also provided with an attractive monthly stipend of Rs10,000.
This is the first badge of candidates that will be placed after the devolution of Ministry of Youth Affairs. The project remained at the standstill for few months after the implementation of 18th Amendment. As it was attached with the Ministry of Youth Affairs (MoYA) which made part of the first five ministries that were devolved under 18 Amendment, its funds were surrendered to the federal government along with the funds for all other projects under MoYA and the NIP was shifted to the Establishment Division.
The process delayed the placement of internees for the year 2010 creating confusion among the candidates about the future of this project that is considered to be the most popular project among youth.
The NIP employees receive hundreds of calls everyday on its toll free number 080033330 mostly from the candidates that have applied for NIP in the year 2010. Many of them and their parents visited the NIP office to enquire about the status of their application. In past three years, the NIP has offered internships to 85,000 boys and girls.
Muntazir Hussain said that NIP targets to place 30,000 to 40,000 interns by the end of current fiscal year for which, the department has received 100,000 applications. “The department has placed the list of candidates on its website as well,” he said while hopping that the placement of next badge will start within nest three months.
He said that provinces have almost completed the placement process. Talking about the shortage of staff, he said that NIP has finally received surplus staff from the devolved ministries which includes three officers and three lower staff members. “Three more seats of officers are vacant which we believe will be filled soon,” he said.
The NIP is running four different programs at this stage which include programme offered for master level students from all over country with an age limit of 25 years, internship programme for displaced persons with the age limit of 28 year and condition of graduation and programmes for Malakand Division, Baluchistan and rural Sindh with the same conditions as are offered for displaced persons.
Right now, nearly Rs2.1 billion funds are exclusively available for NIP out of the total allocation of Rs3.6 billion for the payment of stipend to the interns. The NIP expects Rs1 billion surplus funds by the end of financial year due to delay in placement of fresh interns in view of the recent devolution business and shortage of staff with NIP office.

(Published in “TheNews” on Saturday, April 9, 2011)

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