Islamabad: Lady Health workers LHWs demand salaries increase

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Islamabad: Lady Health workers LHWs demand salaries increase

Islamabad (March 26, 2012) – Lady Health Workers from all over the country staged protest in favour of their demands on Monday. Lady health workers from across the country blocked highway in protest on being stopped to enter in Islamabad.

The health workers,  wanted to stage a peaceful protest in front of the Supreme Court against non payment of their salaries and delay in provision of service structure.
The office goers and others were trapped in a heavy traffic jam due to the protest.

The protesters were allowed to march to D Chowk of the Parliament after talks bet)ween the representatives of the lady health workers and the local administration.
Lady Health Workers Program was also shifted to the provinces after handing over of the health ministry to the provinces.
On the order of the Supreme Court, salary of Lady Health Visitors was increased from 2,400 to 7, 000.
The lady health workers across the country are protesting against non payment of salaries by the provincial governments.

(Published on Dunya NEWS TV Website)

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2 thoughts on “Islamabad: Lady Health workers LHWs demand salaries increase

  1. Muhammad Saeed

    Respected All,
    I am also with Lady Health worker who are the essential part of Health Department.
    They must fight fot their rights from legal plat form.
    Best wishs for them

  2. zainab bibi

    i am in favour of lady health worker because their work is more dificult to servey whole vilage to care any patien and theirs salary is low.


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