Govt has no plan to raise salaries of its employees: Daily Dawn

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ISLAMABAD, Sunday, April 17, 2011: The government has no plans to increase salaries and pensions of government employees in the next budget because of tight fiscal position and to absorb the impact of ‘unreasonable 50 per cent raise’ allowed last year.
A senior finance ministry official told Dawn that the government had been considering for more than six months trimming down the 50 per cent salary and pension increase by half as part of budget restructuring as fiscal deficit started to shoot up, but could not make up its mind because of political reasons. Obviously there is no proposal under consideration to increase salaries and pensions in the next year’s budget, he added.
He pointed out that the pay and pension raise allowed last year put an additional burden of more than Rs100 billion on the exchequer, a major contributing factor in the higher fiscal deficit during the current financial year.
The official recalled that the government had increased wheat support price from Rs650 per 40kg to Rs950 per 40kg in just one year and then had to put a freeze on it for next two years to phase out the ‘irrational’ increase.There is no doubt in the finance ministry that the salary increase too has to be gradually adjusted to ease out financial pressure, he added.
He said that even if the rate of inflation was factored in, the increase in salaries already allowed had more than taken care of the impact of general pricing trend during the year.The next financial year will remain in the stabilisation mode and hence the government will not risk adding financial pressure.
It would be the first time in more than a decade that the salary budget would remain frozen in real terms at the previous year’s position. Every year, the government has been increasing salaries by 10-15 per cent in the form of dearness allowance, ad hoc allowance or increase in basic salaries but last year it allowed a 50 per cent increase.
In September 2010, the finance ministry had proposed cutting down government employees’ salaries by 25-30 per cent to accommodate additional pressure arising out of devastation caused by the floods. This could not materialise for unknown reasons although public sector development programme was cut by about 40 per cent.
Again in February 2011, the finance ministry discussed with the Pakistan Muslim League-N reducing salaries of grade 1722 officers by 25 per cent as part of broader dialogue on the 10point economic agenda, but the idea was shot down by the government’s political leadership.The expected savings under this head had to be replaced later with flood tax and power tariff increases.

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12 thoughts on “Govt has no plan to raise salaries of its employees: Daily Dawn

  1. Ahmad Raza Shah

    AOA :The Govt should be increase Salaries of Govt Servants 1 to 22, due to poor circumstances of the Govt Employees ,the Govt employees are very much mentally disturb due to their own economy position. In this year mostly increase prices many in products in Pakistan. So the Govt servant could not survive his family current pay package . The Govt servants are depressed and stressed due to pay utility bills. So Govt should take necessary action to give opportunities to Govt servants in the light of increase 50 % salary and pension. Other wise option is to increase different allowances and adjust in basic salary.

  2. Makhdoom Tariq

    The government Should be Increase Salary 15% for 1 to 15 grade and 10% 16 to 22 and add last Two years adhoc relief to basic other wise increase Conveyance allowance also because last 3 year the government can not increase Conveyance and other allowances

  3. Tahir Afzaal

    Main Fire Brigade Islamabad Main operator ho..BPS 09
    main PPP/mqm/pml q kehta ho…
    aap ke ghar ka aik b fard mahana 10,000/- main guara kar sakte hai..?
    Fire Brigade main 700/- Staff hai jo
    es job k sath part time bazar lagte hai.. taksi chalate hai…part time job kar k apna guzara kar rahe hai…
    es hakumat nay last year 50% pay increase ki mager mehgai 400% Increase ki…
    main dua karta ho k ALLAH es hakumat ko Hadait day.. aur mehgai ki bajay pay ko Increase kare.. sab bolo aaaaaaaaaaameeeeeeeeeeeeeen

  4. khalid

    zardari sb.apni loot maar thori si kam kar lo aour salaries increase kar do . allah lootney ke ziyada mowaqe de .

  5. Suhrab Khan jatoi

    government ko chahye ke wo 1 to 16 grade tak ke employees ke salary bharhane chaye es mahnagai ke dour aur ye daily petrol ke kaimte bharha rahe hain aur mahngae bhee bharte jate haie us hisab se chote grade ke employees ka guzara naheen hota.

  6. Rana Imran

    Government should rasie 100% salary of civil servnant… the person top of the chart saying that salry of government employees should be cut off is must be mad person who seem to be enemy of porr civil servants of pakistan….

  7. Usman khan

    mojuda pakistani hukmat (PPP) karupt, baiman, lalchi tareen ha. awam ka is kukmat say koi umeed lagna ghalat ha. kuka jab log teer per mohar laghtay waqat nahi sochtay to ab ku roty hai. awan nay ppp ko pasand kia ha ab in ko dunda milna chaia. jub yeh mu phar kahty hai ka humari party ppp ha tu in kw yeh bardasht karna chaia aur bolna nhi chaia. ainda ppp kw vote do gay to jism say chamry bi utar jai ge. “JAGO AWAM JAGO”

  8. muhammad rauf

    jo be punjab ka mna ya mpa punjab ke khalaf baat karta ha to us ko kik mar ka pubjab say bahir nikal do. jis tra gujrati mukhtara baat kar rha ha ka ppp aur pmlq say punjab ko khatra ha. sharm nhi ati in ko.

  9. muhammad rauf

    lanat ha aisi government per jo sirf aur apny pait ka khial karty hain. pehly he sub chor thy aur aub gujrati chor bi mil jay gay. lanat ha PPP aur Qatil league per.

  10. akbar

    In this situation there is no need to increase the salary becasue most of people already assuming the same. However, non-increase of salary it is a formula to die itself.

  11. tanvir ahmed

    If that official of Govt. is giving information from his own mind then its ok otherwise in Daily Jang of 25 Apr 2011 i have readed that Govt. is consideration to mantain the salary from 8000/- to 12000/- thousand. So it may be possible that Govt. is not in position to announce something before the final decision. Insha Allah Govt. must take some good decisions about our salaries.

  12. Rizwan

    If this official is telling that government has already increase 50% last year. So, tell him the difference in Electricity Bills, Gas Bills, Utility Bills, Government imposing additional taxes on us. Milkman, Landlord are waiting for june, because they are ready to increase the rate. This official must be a landlord or have a black money. There is no law in Pakistan. Government decide to re-check the government employee’s degrees, and decide that if their degrees may come bogus then he must go to jail, dismiss from service and he must returned all salaries and benefits to government which he got during his service. What is this? There is many examples in Pakistan politics that many leaders was submit there bogus degrees, they are again selected in government. Why? where is Pakistans law. Government ko decision dena chahiye tha k un k poorey khandan ko bane kar detey k wo kabhi bhi election nai lar saktey. yeah hamarey leaders he jin k liye pakistan ka law kuch nai karta, aur jin sahab ne government servants k liye jo biyan diya ha k in ki salaries me izafa nai hona chahiye, mujhey yeah un me se aik lagta ha.


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