Government Employees Salary More Increased (11%) after Basic Pay Revision

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Government Increased Employees Salaries upto 11 Percent after Basic Pay Revision

Islamabad (Friday, June 19, 2015) – Finance Minister of Federal Government of Pakistan has announced that now govt employees salaries will raise up-to 11%. This will be implemented after merging of adhoc relief allowance in Basic Pay Scales. This news report has been published in Daily Dunya Lahore on 19-06-2015.

More Increase in Government Employees Salaries
More Increase in Government Employees Salaries
Finance Minister Ishaq Dar Revise Employees Pay Package 2015
Finance Minister Ishaq Dar Revise Employees Pay Package 2015

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One thought on “Government Employees Salary More Increased (11%) after Basic Pay Revision

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