Former Controller of Examination, Board of Secondary Education Karachi, awaits reinstatement

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( Daily English TheNews Published on November 4, 2010 )

Former Controller of Examination of the Board of Secondary Education Karachi, Javed Iftikhar, who was forced to resign after conducting raids at examination centers involved in cheating, is still waiting for his reinstatement orders from the government. Iftikhar said that it had been six months since the governor openly said in front of the media that his services would be required again in the board, and that he was needed to improve the functionaries of the board.

However, nothing had been done so far in this regard. “When I was conducting the raids, I knew the consequence of the steps I was taking. Soon after, I got death threats, and the ‘mafia’ which was behind the menace of cheating in schools asked me to resign from my job or that I would be killed. But now, I hope that the government would support me and ensure that I get back to the board where I worked for around 14 years.

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