Doctors strike may prove injurious for their health – CM Balochistan Raisani

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Doctors Strike may prove injurious their health – CM Balochistan Raisani

Quetta (Tuesday, November 27, 2012) – Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Muhammad Aslam Raisiani on Tuesday warned the duty-defying doctors to call of their strike lest it proved ‘injurious to their health’ forcing the government to prescribe a bitter pill for them.

“I’m warning the doctors to go back to work before they get to taste their own medicine,” he said during a visit to the Civil Hospital’s emergency department.Raisani said the doctors should return to the hospitals unconditionally otherwise their defiance would get them into serious trouble. “The doctors who will re-assume their duties without any conditions are more than welcome but those who will not are not,” said the Balochistan CM.

The chief minister also paid a visit to Combined Military Hospital and thanked the authorities over there for providing medical care to the patients at large in the absence of civilian doctors.On the flip-side, Pakistan Medical Association Balochistan (PMA Balochistan) has decided to continue with its strike in different hospitals of the province, stressing government to accept its demands. OPDs are closed while emergency services are unavailable in both private and government hospitals.

Moreover, government has decided to evacuate residences given to doctors on strike. To provide relief to citizens, administration is taking steps to call back the doctors on deputation gone to other provinces and also plans to advertise in newspapers for the recruitment of new doctors. Seventy three doctors who were arrested during protests are also dismissed.

On the other hand, PMA Balochistan has called an emergency meeting to discuss the future line of action in the light of government actions. President of PMA Doctor Sultan Tareen has said that the government is trying to harass the doctors by pressurising them. However, they are not going to be deterred and will continue with their strike till their demands are met.

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