CBA Referendum Continue in Pak Steel Mills Karachi

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CBA Referendum Continue in Pak Steel Mills Karachi

More than 10000 workers are casting their votes

Karachi (Breaking News / Monday, November 4, 2013) In Pakistan Steel Mills Karachi almost ten thousands workers are using their right of vote for selection of CBA union.

Polling started today at 9:00 AM. It will ends at 5:00 PM. Steel mills employees are coming for vote poll. There are two main contestant union in CBA elections.

1- Pakistan Steel People’s Workers Union

2- Pakistan Steel Labour Union (PASLU)

All other major unions has announced support for Pakistan Steel Labour Union (PASLU) including Pakistan Steel Labor League, United Front and Insaaf Labour Union.

Polling Station View of Today (Pictures by Zeeshan Khan)

Pakistan Steel Referendum Polling
Pakistan Steel Referendum Polling

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