AGP Orders to Audit Pension Payments Scandal to 6 Lac Fake Pensioners

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AGP orders to audit pension payments Scandal to 6 Lac Pensioners
ISLAMABAD (The Nation News report / Published on August 21, 2015) – The auditor general of Pakistan has directed field offices to conduct audit of pension payments and submit their reports immediately.
Rana Assad Amin, the auditor general of Pakistan (AGP), issued these directions in the light of the media reports that 600,000 ghost pensioners are drawing pension payments from national exchequer. It is important to mention that National Bank of Pakistan is one of those institutions, which are not getting their accounts audited from the department of auditor general of Pakistan due to a court stay.
The case of ghost pensioners, if any, could have been unearthed during the audit of National Bank of Pakistan.
According to the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, it is mandatory for federal and provincial governments as well as any authority or body established by, or under the control of federal or a provincial government to get their accounts audited by the auditor general of Pakistan.

Fake Pensioners Scandal
Fake Pensioners Scandal

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