979 Employees of Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) regularized

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979 Employees of Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) regularized

Islamabad (TheNation / November 15, 2012) – Cabinet Subcommittee on Regularisation of Contract/Daily Wages Employees has approved the regularisation of 979 daily-wage and contractual employees of Federal Directorate of Education (FDE).

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The 979 employees include teaching and non-teaching staff of school and colleges working under the FDE. According to information the Ministry of Capital Administration and Development had sent the list of 1,200 teaching and non-teaching employees but out of them only 979 have been regularised.

The employees alleged that officials of the ministry and directorate included the names of the employees in the list sent to the committee who did not qualify for regularisation and on the other hand those who have been working for years still waiting for the regularisation of their services.

‘Employees were quite happy and sending greetings to each other after hearing the news of regularization as they have been rendering their services on daily wages and contractual basis for the past several years on meager salaries and without any incentives. But after seeing the list many are upset, as their names are not included in the list. Many of them have been working for the past four to five years’ informed an official.

Another official requesting not to be named said 221 employees who have been left genuinely deserve the regularisation on first priority due to the years of length of their services but those who had joined the department recently were regularised. ‘The department has adopted the policy of pick and choose to favour certain people’.

The subcommittee is going to meet again Thursday (today) to discuss the fate of remaining employees.

Though the subcommittee has approved the regularisation but the directorate has not created new posts to accommodate the employees. The employees regretted that the services of all the daily-wage and contractual employees of other institutions have been regularized but the delays on the part of education managers has marred the regularization of teaching and non-teaching staff.

According to information the file for the creation of posts to appoint regularized employees is still pending with the FDE and could not be moved to the Ministry of CAD and further to the Finance Division for approval despite the delays of many months.

FDE spokesman Waqar Ashraf could not be reached out for comments, as he did not attend his cell phone.

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