Rescue 1122 Official (M.Asif) Shaheed During Duty in Gujranwala

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Rescuer M. Asif S/O M. Ashraf  lived in Narang Mandi. He is Working as EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) in Rescue 1122 Gujranwala martyred today(26-02-2011) at about 4:30 AM, Dealing an Emergency (RTA) due to Electric Shock.

The Ambulance Wireless Antenna Touched with 11 KV High Voltage Electric Line. The other Rescuer Saved but M. Asif died.

He joined Rescue 1122 16-07-2007 and completed his tough training. He reported for duty in district Gujranwala on 18-01-2008. He did his job with great spirit. Allah Blessed him.

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4 thoughts on “Rescue 1122 Official (M.Asif) Shaheed During Duty in Gujranwala

  1. waqas yousaf

    M.Asif was a great man.He had best experince in his field.He performed duty with me for a week and i appriciated his work.Now he is not among us but we will always remember his services for the nation.May ALLAH showers his blessings on his grave & give the reletives great patience.Aameen

  2. Irfan Aslam Narowal

    Shaheed Ki jo Mout hai ,Wo Qaum ki hayat hai,Lahu jo hai shaheed ka,Wo Qaum ki Zakat hai…Tum hi se aye mujahido Jahan ka Sabaat hai….We Proud of him …Irfan Aslam

  3. hafiz attiq ur rehman

    my name is hafiz attiq ur rehman.I have honour to perform my duty as a EMT with (late )Muhammad asif shaheed.he was good person. Now i have resigned from this department (rescue 1122) because of misbehavior of emergency officer Rescue 1122 M Ayaz Aslam.I have also performed my duty as shift incharge in DHQ Gujranwala.Under my supervision he had showed good attitude against me.God Bless him.Ameen.


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