Government proposes Employees Pay Reduction 50%

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Government proposes Employees Pay Reduction 50%
ISLAMABAD  (February 10, 2011) : The government has proposed a 50 percent reduction in the raise given in the salaries of public sector employees in budget 2010-11, as part of expenditure control, measures and imposition of additional taxes to contain the fiscal deficit at 5.4 percent for the current fiscal year, it is reliably learnt.

Sources said that a cut in salaries was proposed for a period of six months on Wednesday during talks with Pakistan Muslim League (N) team on economic reforms agenda and the latter has agreed to the proposal, provided this cut is applied across the board and not to the government employees alone.
Ishaq Dar who is heading PNL-N side was quoted as saying that the proposed cut in salaries should also be applied to the prime minister, president, and ministers. The increase in salaries of government employees would be reduced to 25 percent from 50 percent announced by Finance Minister Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh in his 2010-11 budget speech.

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