“Corruption Elimination” Jhang Model will be implemented in Punjab

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Jhang Model by Zubair Bhatti – “corruption elimination”:

“Corruption Elimination in bureaucracy ” Jhang Model will be implemented in Punjab and World Bank will provide funds for that purpose.  This Model address to Land Record management and eliminate corruption. This Model has minimize corruption the registry branch of Revenue Department. Property Registry report has been submitted on daily basis. “Jhang Model” was invented by a bureaucrat Mr Zubair Bhatti.

Jhang Model by Zubair Bhatti - corruption elimination
Jhang Model by Zubair Bhatti - corruption elimination

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2 thoughts on ““Corruption Elimination” Jhang Model will be implemented in Punjab

  1. BADAR

    The AIDS industry in Pakistan has created a lot of Predators. One cannot expect predators, and those sitting on or near the top, of the food chain never give value to their victims. In dollar terms the coverage in Pakistan is below the global recommendations and with leakages it becomes drastically low in prevention, care and support. Mr. Atif Aslam has commented about indifference. This is true. Indifference to the fate of the disadvantaged is the final form of hate. Predators can justify themselves and to one another but cannot redeem themselves. All we can hope is that the system while change which these young disgruntled employees are asking for. We have workshops, junkets and endless incestuous meetings but there has never been a workshop on transparency and ethics and moral values. It does not suit the donor agencies or the NGO owners. They are the trend setters and make the dominant culture in the national AIDS response. Morality is part of socialization and it is taught by parents and schooling and iconic figures that one meets. Pakplus is now like another Chernobyl and more will follow unless we begin to change things.

    Imran Zali
    Member CCM

  2. BADAR

    Save People from Black Sheep

    Dear all,

    First of all I would like to thank all of you who have become a
    part this protest and against this corrupt culture and the acts of greedy
    people who steal money meant for sick and desperate people in need for
    treatment. And special thanks to all of you who spent your important time to
    read my mails and comment on this. All of us can play a vital role to change
    this corrupted culture and take apart to support provide the rights of People
    living with HIV & AIDS.

    And I hope we can also change the image of Pakistan throughout the
    world with no corruption. Being a Pakistani I feel extremely ashamed that these
    black sheep create bad image of Pakistan through out of the world. In HIV
    sector it’s a very wrong perception about Shukria Gull she is community
    based and as positive women she understand feeling of People Living With HIV
    & AIDS But She didn’t because when I was in Pak plus Society my job
    description meant providing care and support facility to our clients with my
    directly interaction with people living with HIV& AIDS. For us this was
    this always disheartening because Pak plus Society never facilitates our
    clients. Being an employee what can I do for these peoples? In the history of
    Pak Plus who protest against the Right of People Living with HIV & AIDS
    (PLHIVs). PAK PLUS fired most competent peoples and some of resigned who join PAK
    PLUS just for social welfare specially our volunteers Ms. Mary Galshier and Ms.
    Jo. (VSO Volunteer) both came from UK and tried to help PLHIVs. But shameful
    for Pak Plus both resigned.

    I have taken numerous threatening calls directly or indirectly
    form the Pak plus society. And PAK PLUS also stop salaries of Staff and says we
    not refund your payments and remaining bonuses. Is it’s a wrong that I have
    brought this to public attention and shown the injustices of this system? Shukria
    has called my family and inflicted mental torture and threaten to make cases
    against me for exposing her. Similar threats have come from her son in Law Sameer
    Ilyas (Accountant). Why am I being tortured and denied my rights to express
    reality and my true thoughts? I also want to mention that Shukria is telling my
    family that if she dies of grief and tension the police will catch Badar for
    death of positive widow Shukria Gull. She forgot how her positive members
    suffer from lack of money and facility that she was taking from their mouths.
    She used pay half amount of visiting positive clients and makes the PHLWA put
    thumb prints on blank reimbursement forms. Two advertisements were placed in newspaper
    Khabrain a few days ago saying that I another staff member have been
    terminated. I left in July 2010 when her demands became unreasonable and she
    was not paying my dues and what is the sense of placing these ads now – just to
    humiliate ex-employees and to make them unemployable. She has bad habit of back
    biting against everybody in the UN and making person attack on other important
    people in the HIV sector.

    I want to point out that Shukria always stated when she got funds
    from donor that she had donor is her pocket through bribe to junior donor staff
    and none of her staff members should provide any information to donor. She always
    said the same about UNICEF, UNFPA, UNAIDS and IWW project.

    When Abid Atiq of IWW after nine months of investigation determined
    that she was doing fraud asked her to pay the money she took from Staff
    salaries she turned against him and accused him in public of asking personal
    favors from him. After the termination of the project we all hope that IWW will
    recover the stolen money and advise other donors of the fraudulent and
    dishonest activities of Shukria Gull. We also hope that UNFPA and UNAIDS will
    terminate their projects. I also request that my dues of Rs 104,000 that she
    owe me will be given back to me.

    I send my mail to Inspector General of Global Fund to ask him to intervene in making it not
    possible that she do any Global Fund Projects because of her corrupt way of
    spending donor money and putting in fake bills. She is now hungry for Global
    Fund money and she threatened the staff saying that she will not put them in
    Global Fund care and Support Project if they do not return the money to her
    that she paid on the pressure of IWW. She will try to cheat Global Fund and
    will get caught again and bring cancellation of Global Fund Grant and Pakistan
    will suffer. CCM should stop her availing the facility of Global Fund and not
    allow her to cheat the poor PLHIV.


    Badar Jamil
    Student of MHRM

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    From: Atif Aslam
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    Subject: Fw: Fraud and Mistreatment of AIDs Patients by one their own.

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    Subject: Fw: Fraud and Mistreatment of AIDs Patients by one their own.

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    Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2011 15:26:44
    Subject: Fw: Fraud and Mistreatment of AIDs Patients by one their own.

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    From: Atif Aslam
    To: cmcomplaintcell@cmpunjab.gov.pk
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    Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2011 15:22:57
    Subject: Fraud and Mistreatment of AIDs Patients by one their own.

    Shukria Gull has demonstrated wanton disregard for extremely marginalized and poor people, suffering from AIDS like herself, by denying them proper care and support by stealing donor money meant for the purpose of meeting their needs. She has pocketed the money meant for very sick a person that is morally unacceptable and criminal in nature.

    This indifference, to the fate of people she roped in into her network and who reached out to her in their despair,
    symbolized hate rather than love that would one would expect from a woman and a mother, an AIDS activist and pious advocate for PLHIV Rights. As more facts are coming out about the pattern of forgeries of receipts, counterfeit travel invoices, hotel bills it certainly appears that while she has accumulated real objects like real estate, businesses and cold cash – her values are fake.

    The people, including her members of her now dismissed staff, who finally stood up to her and her Accountant, have demonstrated real values. In a civilized society she and her accountant would be jail and she would have pay back what she has taken from suffering humanity. Her protests that she is woman and widow should be treated with proper contempt. Her organization must be black listed and she should be not in only thrown in the wastebasket of the HIV sector – but thrown with great force !


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