Attock: B.Ed Women Seeking Class IV Job of Sanitary Worker in TMA

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ATTOCK, Jan 16: Educated women vying for lowly municipal jobs in a fiercely competitive man’s world have put the Tehsil Municipal Administration in a quandary.
Nearly 300 candidates have applied for the 90 Class-IV posts of sanitary workers advertised by the TMA here and among them is a woman graduate.
TMA officials were reluctant to give any information about the woman who has put them in a fix with her BEd degree when the job requires candidates having “middle level” education. Dawn has been able to learn only that she is a mother of two from Akhori village, but nothing about her husband or family background.
Tehsil Municipal Officer Mubarik Ali said he asked the woman why she has applied for a post of sanitary worker. Her reply was that despite her best efforts she could not get a job commensurate with her qualifications. Fed up with her financial miseries, she was ready to be a sanitary worker.
But she stands little chance to become one as the TMO said the local administration would prefer to employ the sanitary workers who had been working for 20 years on temporary basis. Only after filling the posts on offer with the temporary workers will the administration consider other applicants.
Moreover, for the posts of 20 tubewell operations, the TMA has received 1,045 applications and out of them two are women. One of the two women applicants wanting to become tubewell operator is an intermediate.
Interviews for the posts of sanitary workers, tubewell operators and other jobs will be held on January 20.
A four-member body comprising TMA chairman, district officer community, tehsil finance officer and a representative of the Punjab government will interview candidates.
(Published in Daily “Dawn” on January 17, 2011)

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