KESC Labour Unions Announced Hunger Strike from April 29, 2011

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 KESC workers demand revisiting privatisation process KARACHI: Hundreds of Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) workers held a protest demonstration against the management of the KESC for their co-workers.

They staged a sit-in in front of Karachi Press Club here on Friday. The workers wearing black armbands chanted slogans against the management. They demanded revisiting the privatisation of the important electricity utility, saying the shoddy privatisation process had added to miseries. They announced that if their demands were not met by Friday then they would start a hunger strike. Members and leaders of all the three workers unions of KESC, Peoples Workers Union, Labour Union and Kasoti Union were present in the demonstration. ppi

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One thought on “KESC Labour Unions Announced Hunger Strike from April 29, 2011

  1. ASIf

    Kesc unit can’t support to kesc workers because they all are officer and not interested to interfare in this matter.


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