KESC CBA Union protests in Karachi against Management

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KARACHI (July 16, 2011) : Unscheduled loadshedding continues in the city as KESC workers continue their sit-in against Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) outside the Governor House, Geo News reported.

KESC management has repeatedly said that when the desired amount of gas will become available, loadshedding will be decreased. The KESC spokesperson blames CBA Union for the delays in the repairs of faulty cables and tripped feeders. On the other hand CBA Union spokesperson denounces these allegations as they continue their strike against KESC’s VSS scheme, in the form of a sit in outside the governor house.
The KESC spokesmen added that the deadline for submitting a request for the VSS scheme was at midnight this Friday and claim that 2000 workers had accepted the scheme till now. They further claimed that no workers had been laid off as yet.
Apart from suffering from 6 to 8 hours of load shedding, people in Karachi also suffer at the hands of faulty cables and tripped feeders not being fixed for days. Voltage fluctuation has become a huge hazard as it causes the destruction of various expensive electrical appliances.
People all over the city are tired of these problems as electricity is absent in various areas for days on end. Residents of Mausi colony have been bearing the brunt of load shedding for three consecutive days. This has led to people taking to the streets in protest of the unscheduled loadshedding.

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