4000 Workers of KESC Restored after 4 days Protests

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KESC sacked employees restored Minister WAPDA Raja Pervez Ashraf
KARACHI: After four days strike of KESC Workers, More than four thousand employees sacked by Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) have been restored, Federal Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervez Ashraf announced Sunday.

Management restored 4000 workers of KESC after 4 days protest
Management restored 4000 workers of KESC after 4 days protest

Raja Pervez Ashraf made the above announcement while talking to media men along with Dr. Farooq Sattar here.
“The order by which over four thousand employees of KESC had been sacked now stands withdrawn,” he announced, adding these employees may resume their duties from tomorrow.

Voilent agitators of KESC Employees in front of Head Office
Voilent agitators of KESC Employees in front of Head Office

KARACHI: Talks between the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) management and the government reached a conclusion on Sunday with the announcement that the recently sacked workers of the private company would be re-instated.
Following an extended meeting at the Chief Minister’s house, Federal Minister for Water and Electricity Raja Pervez Ashraf announced that the 4,500 workers would be re-instated.
He also announced that the sacked employees can resume their duties from Monday.
The utility’s longest ever protest compelled leaders of political parties to show solidarity with the sacked workers.
“The KESC MD should know that the elected government of the PPP would not hesitate to take any extreme measures,” commented Fisheries Minister Haji Muzaffar Ali Shujra, adding that the PPP had been opposed to the privatization in the first place.
In an earlier report, while talking to The Express Tribune, a well-placed KESC official, who did not want to give his name, said they had received serious threats from the agitators. Some threats were made that load dispatch centres would be attacked, which could affect the entire supply system.
KESC has maintained that the firing of over 4,000 workers was “unavoidable”. Its performance had been badly compromised. It had announced a Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) to 4,500 of its non-management staff and workmen engaged in non-core functions, such as drivers, office attendants, security guards, sanitary workers, etc.
Prior to the recent retrenchments, there were 17,000 employees, said a KESC official, adding that a majority of them had failed to perform properly. Some of them were drawing high salaries, up to Rs50,000 for just being drivers.

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