Jobs Opportunities in Inland Water Transport Development Company (IWTDC)

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Jobs Opportunities in Inland Water Transport Development Company (IWTDC)

IWTDC has been established by Government of Punjab to deve. inland water transport system. The Company is looking staff for its Head Office at Rawalpindi a. its Field Offices Yeeatrs’otrex_Neetgart-o,?Za,==ertepre(rM:. 10 years into …nevi =aptly / Oceangeyiphy., Internatt phyrcostograyphy). choo,illyloonprIc-i„ equivalent certificate preferred. Expreorience of River 2. htlYarre:rie0=1″(Z: Ygar reel:grit:re. in Marine or Riverine Operations, including minimum 5 Yreeredereltr ieenetenttl r’enBceeeititrcep:1 ran; above in Armed ForceS Or equivalent. Commanding experience of ra going ships will be prefer.. Max. 3. f=eYre7drertaik’n=on & HR .1): 15 year experience in office adminis.t. HR and liaison rexwi t ” ” inn tmecek re 19 = ber; ve: I ;AuTn’edt eFeo r e es rol equivalent in private sector. Reti. Army officer of Corps of Engines( having civil engineering degree may also apply. Airipinimum Bachelor Degree. Max Age: 50 4. LenerneagreetraFtlence (01): 15 year experience including minimum 05 year post qualification of fmancrai accoumng management. taxation, return filling. audits and corporate affairs. experience with Sect.
rF2CtleArt, iceree:tivbaelen=n=11)yeceorenAp= 5. DeViZerettgAearxranIttY:Leon’ttet01): 10 ycer 1,3r 0 VO in office administrton & HR tend Iia.n
in Grade 17 and above in Armed Forces or equivalent in private s.tor. Minimum Bachelor Degree. M. Age: 6. Itt iYareMreet:ertteOperations & Coordination (02).. YBeatrhee=r7e.INat “n171::= ri =e1t and above in Armed Forces or equivalcet. M. Age: 40 7. exp=ce with reegovernmcet/semi government institut.. Master degree in business administration. 8. tcerrreterty3ttYgrOe (01): Graduate. Excellent computer proficiency. Good typing speed. Minimum 05 years of experience in public s.tor or a rept… 0,9991Ufiqn. Max Age: 30 years.

Itteb:r9=infigclleTroLerMea=ceasteTe3 competence is requi. with Ma./Intennediate certificates. Cargo handling experience will be taken as TOlefilit°PeeerlatirgteeZheantegent’rec„ officer
with minimum 05 rfiecaoTa exPenence …xcatte.74 Tcto!nepeter2ceNe’ iseertrequirce ev?ithMk7rrrric./ Intermediate 11. earililein”.;intr(X:. = of expe.n. in civil works in plan, design and oversee construct. and re rsnotigtenosance ofo.bui:2:tnittures entionfsncejougit.:or; =es’. getiOrteIrd eptoe rssesstivintZirZelnrirs= 12. IT Assige:tran’t rgs03 years experience in maintaining computer networks and senrers.AMust have Bechelor 35 years

Inland Water Company Previous Jobs News in Punjab

“. T(ievti Met fatdrg 7cehDant nearpncetent f roltf Legjoie=elineXiillnegtntnidIVg%?3at eert:orrn= 14. ;ger ateCrptgti:retAitrentere e(1)1:'”E’rx’e: Iding ra=erwsihse147.== =4, trittr =tal=tyreMtthAgerVO. 15. Supporting/ Janitorial Staf, Medical Assistant. rteewv aarnrit*fi: ritefr ern inTritmtiOt=rs”…..1″hoeu=eevalti license where applicable. Max age 4o years
APPfication form (applicable for Posts at Se. 1 to 1, is Ath .lat* tshheouClede= ==ktrilge’ditti Opeeloiralong Mth mum. and limrglictet reqdeeuerreletote.r1r1;craetrio= and maY senTlarele. app… along Mtn required/supporting documents.
beroreieeJtjaneneuner;78),I2V18…t==raeteesthwieltIt bee cane° for tesvinterview. rce TAMA will be admissible. Is1″1711I’le igirltr:=O int Zmeeen tuer Ya:( !ITxteeeer rk.!::. qualification and skills.
CHIEF .ECUTIVE OFFICER ti Ott r3tr, ;LI P2e7d, rtee °Re ece’ tWCees eanY. Rawalpindi. Ph: 051 .91494-5 edge’

Jobs Opportunities in Inland Water Transport Development Company (IWTDC)
Jobs Opportunities in Inland Water Transport Development Company (IWTDC)

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