Sindh Young Doctors (SYDA)to go on strike from Friday

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Sindh Doctors on Strike

KARACHI (Thursday, April 14, 2011): Sindh Young Doctors Association (SYDA) has announced the strike in two districts, Hyderabad and Nawab Shah, for indefinite period from tomorrow (Friday), SAMAA reported Thursday.
“Our concerns are not being addressed seriously,” said Dr Abbas Ali Shah, the president of SYDA.
While talking to SAMAA, Dr Shah told that 40 minutes demonstration would be staged, adding that doctors will be present in emergencies. “We don’t want to create any trouble for patients. The government should implement uniformed policy across the country. Why there is huge difference of salaries of doctors working in Sindh and Punjab? The doctors who do no practice privately are given Rs 500 in Sindh and doctors in Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa are given Rs 4, 000,” added Shah.
Dr Shah said that Dr Ambreen Zaidi is the president of Karachi’s Civil Hospital, Dr Murad Qureshi of JPMC, Dr Amjad Mastoi of Nawab Shah and Dr Ahsan Malik is the president in Larkana.
He threatened that SYDA will take serious action in coming days, if demands are not met timely.

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