Sindh Doctors Pay & Allowances raise notified

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KARACHI (July 22, 2011) – Sindh government has issued a notification regarding increase in the salaries and allowances of doctors under a Rs2.9 billion package announced recently by the chief minister.
About 18,000 doctors serving in the provincial government health facilities will benefit from the package, according to the notification.

The monthly stipend of a house officer has been increased from Rs12,000 to Rs24,000 and of a postgraduate doctor from 12,000 to Rs42,500.
A medical officer in BPS-17 will now get a monthly allowance of Rs15,000 and doctors in BPS-18 to 20 will get an additional allowance of Rs10,000.
The monthly non-practicing allowance has also been increased from Rs500 to Rs4,000 for doctors in BPS-17 and 18 doctors and from Rs700 to Rs6,000 for those in BPS-19 and 20.

Rural incentive allowance of Rs6,000 will be given to doctors in BPS-17 18 while those in BPS-19 and 20 will receive Rs8,000.
Hard work allowance of Rs6,000 will be given to doctors serving in ‘infectious diseases areas’ and in an emergency department or trauma centre.
An amount of Rs1.5 million will be given to the families of doctors falling victim to targeted killing or an infectious disease.

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