Shahbaz steps in at long last: Young Doctors Strike in Punjab

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LAHORE, March 29: Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Tuesday asked his team of politicians and health department officials to immediately negotiate with protesting young doctors, making them realise their basic duty of serving the ill without causing problems for anyone and demand which the cash-strapped government could do for them at the moment.
He gave the advice after ordering release of the young doctors arrested during a protest in front of the Punjab Assembly earlier in the day.

Official sources said that after the incident, principals of medical colleges, medical superintendents of hospitals, health department officials and politicians like Zulfikar Khosa met the chief minister and informed him of the demands of the doctors and what the government had done so far for them.
The officials and the politicians said the government had been showing leniency to young doctors but they were continuing with their protest at the cost of patients and also creating problems for their colleagues who did not want any protest.
The chief minister reportedly rejected the idea of taking action against the young doctors and instead asked his team to once again meet them on Wednesday (today). Convince them that their basic duty was to serve the ill and not to create problems for them or for the state. Also, convey them the financial limitations of the government because of which it was not possible for it to immediately increase their salaries, the chief minister was quoted as having told his team.

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One thought on “Shahbaz steps in at long last: Young Doctors Strike in Punjab

  1. dr zahid

    ok if he is so much interested in solving our problems why didnt he came out to listen our demand ..if he is sincere in solving our problems then y he is hasitating to commit in front of media regarding the time period and increment in our pays after jully … and we are not stopping anyone we r just withdrawing our services….

    main b khaef nae takhta e daar se
    main b mansoor hun keh do aghyar se
    kyun daraty ho zindan ke dewar se
    zulm ke bat ko jail ke rat ko
    main nahi manta , main nahi janta

    phool shakhon pe khilnay lagay
    tum kaho jam rindon ko milnay lagay
    tum kaho chak senon k silnay lagay
    is khulay jhoot ko zehan ke lut ko
    main nahi janta main nahi manta

    tum ne luta hae sadyon hamara sakun
    ub na hum per chalay ga tumhara fasson
    chara ger dard mandon k bantay ho kyun
    tum nahi chara ger koe manay agar
    main nahi manta main nahi janta


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