Punjab Young Doctors Strike in 31st Day

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Patients suffer as Punjab’s doctors continue to strike

Young Doctors Strike in 31th Day

LAHORE: Hundreds of patients suffered as the strike of Punjab’s doctors
continues for an increase in salaries on Thursday.
The ongoing strike has completed a month of protests in which the Young
Doctors Association (YDA) demonstrated outside hospitals and
administered treatment to patients in medical camps there.
Routine duty in several teaching hospitals of the province, including
those in Lahore, is suspended due to the strike.
The YDA said the strike will continue till their demands are fulfilled.

Young doctors strike continues in Punjab

Punjab Young Doctors Strike, Emergency Closed

Young doctors strike continues in Punjab LAHORE: A complete strike is
being observed by the young doctors in the Out Patient Department (OPD)
and emergency departments in various cities of Punjab on 31st
consecutive day against the non-acceptance of their demands, Geo News
reported on Thursday.
The strike is being observed on the appeal of Young Doctors Association
(YDA) during which doctors fully avoided to attend the patients of OPD
and emergency. No outdoor routine procedures were performed
Owing to the strike of YDA patients are facing severe problems. Doctors
did not attend OPD and emergency in Multan, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, and
other surrounding areas.

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