Punjab Nurses postpone protest after successful talks

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Punjab Nurses postpone protest after successful talks
LAHORE (November 26, 2011): MPA and Punjab Parliamentary Health Secretary Dr Saeed Elahi held two-hour-long negotiations with the protesting nurses and their leaders on Friday, as a result of which the nurses postponed their protest. The nurses’ representatives included Shehnaz Akhtar, Razia Sattar, Tauseef Khanum, Shamim Sameul, Shamim Akhtar, Nazia Ali and Rubina Ashraf.

Punjab Nurses protest in Lahore

Elahi disclosed that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had immediately constituted a committee for accepting the genuine demands of the nurses after the protest. The committee comprises Law Minister Rana Sanaullah, Parliamentary Health Secretary Dr Saeed Elahi, CM’s Adviser Begum Zakiya Shahnawaz and other parliamentarians, which will meet a delegation of nursestoday (Saturday) at 11am.
According to details, the protesting nurses have nominated 14 nurses as their representatives. Elahi said that three important demands of the nurses were outlined during Friday’s meeting that will now be presented before the committee on Saturday (today) and then finally presented to the CM along with recommendations.
He informed that the important demands of the nurses included provision of special pay package, regular and timely promotion and quashment of FIR registered against the protesters.
The white-clad ladies who risk their lives to save others, unfortunately, have received no help from the citizens so far and even had to suffer as rotten eggs and stones were thrown at them. Students belonging to different colleges threw stones on the nurses’ vehicles near the Lahore Press Club during the protest on Friday.
The nurses of public sector hospitals continued protesting peacefully for their rights in the city on Friday. The protest demonstration led to a traffic mess, blocking various roads in the city from 9:30am onwards.
Nurses from the Children’s Hospital and Lahore General Hospital staged a protest on the Ferozepur Road, while protests were also staged on the Canal Road near Jinnah Hospital, on Jail Road outside Services Hospital, Ganga Ram Hospital crossing and near the Lahore Press Club. The protest rally commenced from Ferozepur Road, near CM’s Model Town house and reached the Lahore Press Club in a very peaceful manner, while demanding the government to fulfil its promises.
Speaking for their rights, the nurses said that they were the true servants of society and nobody else would be willing to take care of the ailing human beings the way they did; in filth and in risky environments.
(Published in DailyTimes on 26-11-2011)

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