Punjab Government Dismisses 17 more “Doctors on Strike”

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Doctors (YDA) Strike in Punjab

Lahore (Tuesday, April 5, 2011): Punjab Health Department has dismissed another 17 doctors for continuing their strike.
The doctors, who have been dismissed are:
Dr Rafika Awan, Dr Rukhsana Perven, Dr Sher Ali from the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore;
Dr Mujahid Razzaq, Dr Hassan Ali from the Children Hospital Lahore;
Dr Riaz Malik, Dr Abdul Sadiq and Dr Ayesha Saeed from the Meo Hospital Lahore;
Dr Arshad Imran, Dr Adnan Bashir, Dr Faisal Feroz Rana from Services Hospital Lahore;
Dr Muhammad Arif, Dr Fateh Sher Chatha from the Jinnah Hospital Lahore;
Dr Abbas Raza, Dr Muhamad Ali from the Allied Hospital Faisalabad;
& Dr Shafi Muhammad and Dr Sajid Hussain Sheerazi from the Benazir Bhutto Hospital, Rawalpindi.

(SAMAA TV BREAKING NEWS on Tuesday, April 5, 2011)

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