Punjab Doctors New Service Structure – Main Points

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Salient features of doctors service structure in Punjab

MBBS and BDS doctors will get same service structure


Lahore (Thursday, November 8, 2012) – Agreement between Punjab doctors associations and govt. of Punjab took place on Wednesday, November 07, 2012.

Main Points:

1. Achievement of management cadre(vision behind this is to finally have secretary health of our profession)

2. Paid Seats of HO equal to no of admission in first year MBBS. HO pay will remain 150%(24000 at present) of basic salary of MO(16000 at the moment). Both will increase simultaneously

3. Salary of PG equal to 90% of take home salary of MO. PG will get annual increase equal to 90% of MO

4. Four tier structure made more cylindrical leading to promotions of BS 17 doctors to 18 who have completed their 5 years in BS 17. Contract period experience will also be included in service for promotion

5. MOs who have done FCPS: 254 will be promoted as SR, rest will be offered seats of district consultants. In future there will 25% of SR and 50% of consultant seats will be given to regular MOs who have done FCPS.

6. MO to professor whoever done FCPS will be given 5000 Rs postgraduate allowance and it will be increase to 10000 after getting equivalence of FCPS and PHD by HEC

7. HPA will increase with revision of pay scales after every few years that means doctors will get double pay increase with revisons of pay scales and indirectly same will be applicable to PGs. 1200 RS will be increased right now

8. There will be 6 meetings of promotion cases annually and those who will be causing delay in promotions will be punished under PEEDA act.

9. Transfer policy will be defined by a committee in next 6 months

10. 3 committees for teaching, specialist and management cadre will be formed which will finalize theses cadres in 3 months.

(Issued by Dr Hussain, Information Secretary YDA Punjab)

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4 thoughts on “Punjab Doctors New Service Structure – Main Points

  1. Dr. Haroon

    please snd me pay & allownces rules for M.O’s Punjab healt deptt.

  2. dr kashif

    would sr will remain in grade 18 or will sr,s also be promoted to grade 19 after service structure. i request dr hussain to send me all the points on my email of service structure


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