Punjab Doctors May Face Severe Action Today (Pictures Gallery)

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Protesting doctors to face severe action today

Punjab Young Doctors Strike

LAHORE April 2, 2011): Government of Punjab ordered the on-strike doctors to attend to their duties within 24 hours or face stern action.
Police have been deployed outside hospitals in various cities.
A meeting presided over by Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif arrived at the conclusion that a summary raise in the salaries of doctors was not possible owing to the province’s financial problems; accordingly, an alternative strategy would be adopted for the purpose.
According to sources, under the alternative strategy, various options including the arrest of doctors going on strike and protest, filing cases against them and dismissing them from jobs are being mulled over.

A statement issued from the Government of Punjab after the meeting said the strike of doctors from the Young Doctors Association (YDA) was illegal and action would be taken under the Services Act against doctors failing to join their duties within 24 hours.


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