PMA demands Punjab Govt to Regularise 1800 Senior Doctors

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PMA demands Punjab govt to regularise 1800 senior doctors
LAHORE (July 15, 2011) : Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has urged the Punjab government to order regularisations of 1,800 senior doctors by July 20. It was said that otherwise the association reserves its right to call the 1,800 doctors to an all Punjab doctors’ convention with all options wide open.
Addressing a press conference here on Friday, PMA Lahore president Dr M Tanveer Anwar, Dr Izhar Ahmed Ch, Dr Prof M Ashraf Nizami, Dr Shahid Malik, Dr Ehsan ur Rehman, Dr Sabahat Habib Khan and Dr Salman Kazmi said Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif had already approved the summary of the regularization of the senior doctors and ordered the department to regularize the remaining contract doctors and postgraduate medical officers as APs, SRs and district specialists. They said the Lahore High Court had also issued orders of regularization of these doctors.
They further said Health Department completed the process of verification of all the doctors from May 31 to June 16, 2011 and now when the process was in its final stages some elements in the doctors’ community were allegedly opposing the regularization of senior doctors and were creating unrest in the doctors’ community.
The PMA office-bearers said these doctors had themselves been regularized by the efforts of the association’s long-march in 2009 but it was condemnable that they were now opposing the regularization of their senior teachers.
They also alleged that a principal of a public medical college of Lahore was backing these doctors and was allegedly trying to sabotage all efforts of the chief minister regarding the regularization of the 1,800 senior doctors and was leading this movement against the Punjab government.
PMA has thanked the Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif, Sardar Zulfiqar Khan Khosa, Rana Sana Ullah, Chief Secretary Punjab and Health Secretary who fulfilled their promise regarding increasing the salary of doctors and also appealed to them to remove all hurdles in the process of regularization and get the orders of the regularization of the 1,800 senior doctors issued. They demanded the Punjab government to remove the hurdles allegedly being placed by Finance & Regulation departments in this regard.

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