PM Gillani announced New Service Structure for doctors & paramedics

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PM announces improved career structure for doctors, paramedics
ISLAMABAD: (April 11, 2011) Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Monday announced in the National Assembly an improved career structure for doctors and health professionals.
Making a policy statement in the National Assembly, the prime minister said the new career structure will de-link health professionals from the basic scales.Last week, the young doctors of Islamabad hospitals called off their strike on the assurance of the Federal Secretary, Health, Nargis Sethi, that their demands would be met next week.

PM Gillani Assured Regularization of Doctors & Professionals - address in National Assembly

Prime minister announced the formation of a committee at the federal level, headed by the health secretary and comprising representatives of the Ministry of Finance and Establishment Divisions to workout further details. “The committee will submit its report within 15 days,” he added.
The PM also gave an assurance that services of contract medical officers would be regularised in accordance with the law.He hoped that the health professionals will now devote all of their energies towards services to the people.

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2 thoughts on “PM Gillani announced New Service Structure for doctors & paramedics

  1. Dr. M. Sarwar

    The announcement of Prime Minister is very well appreciated but some uniform policy should be formulated while making rules for SERVICE STRUCTURE.

    Homeopathic Doctors are working in Government Hospitals as Homeopathic Medical Officer in grade 15. Since there appointments, they are not being promoted to higher grades / ranks due to lack of EMPLOYED PERSONS SERVICE STRUCTURE. They are retired in the same grade even serving after 25 years.

    Some time ago, Chief Minister Punjab issued directive letter to finalized service structure but still it is pending but a new hope is born after the newspaper statement issued by the Prime Minister. When Federal Government will announce a uniform policy then the same will be applicable in all provinces. Therefore, it is good step.

    Currently, five universities of Pakistan are conducting Five Years Degree Course BHMS on the basis of F.Sc basic qualification. National Council for Homeopathy Govt of Pakistan is providing registration for practicing homeopathic medicines. But how you will justify to induct these homeopathic doctors in grade 15 ? When higher education commission has defined the status of BHMS doctors equal to M.Sc (See 8-61/HEC/AA/2008/1822. Your kind attention is invited to define and clarify the criteria of induction of GRADUATE HOMEOPATHIC DOCTORS. Maximum are unemployed and looking of jobs.

    If uniform policy is formulated in the capital it will as beneficial in the province. There are above 272 vacancies of Homeopathic Medical Officers in Punjab Government Hospitals. About 100 Vacancies are lying vacant. Ministry of Finance budget for these vacancies does laps every year. Govt should fill the vacant posts immediately to provide employment to unemployed Homeopathic Doctors.

    Dr. Muhammad Sarwar
    General Secretary
    Graduate Homeopathic Medical Association – GHMA
    3D Atta Muhammad Road, Shaheen Abad
    www. ghma . net

  2. Dr. M. Sarwar

    Homeopathic Doctors are also working in Government Hospitals. Now five universities are conducting BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medical Science) Degree Course. The basic qualification for getting admission is F.Sc. The course is of five years of duration.


    Curently Homeopathic Doctors are working in grade 15, there is no incentive for them even after serving 25 years. They are retiring in the same grade.

    Please make some uniform policy and do allocate something for them.

    Dr. M.Sarwar
    3D atta mohammad road, shaheen abad, gujranwala
    Gen Secretary
    Graduate Homeopathic Medical Association GHMA


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