PIMS Cardiologists demands regularization of Jobs

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PIMS Islamabad surgical staff awaiting release of salaries for seven months
Around five dozen employees of the cardiology surgery centre of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) have sought immediate regularisation of their jobs and release of salaries.
Giving a deadline of a week to the government for accepting their demands, senior cardiologists and professors, including Dr Zaheeruddin, Dr Naveed Sheikh, Dr Athar, Dr M Chiragh and Dr Aurangzeb along with the staff warned to stage a protest demonstration outside the Supreme Court and Parliament House if their demands were not met.
They threatened event to commit self-immolation along with their families and set their degrees on fire.
“We have no job security, no money; we face uncertainty as we do not know that we fall under which category, are we employed or are we unemployed,“ said one of the surgeons.
Dr Zaheeruddin, while talking to The Express Tribune said, “After waiting for so long, for our salaries and to get our services regularised, we have been left with no other option but to protest and commit suicide along with our families.“
He said all the employees of the cardiac centre, which was established in 2007, were hired on contract basis and according to the new service structure prepared by the Ministry of Health they are not included in the list of the doctors and other medical staff who would be regularised.
“However, when we discussed this with the Ministry of Health we were told that the ministry cannot regularise us, as we were hired for a project,“ he said. Dr Zaheer said the associate professors who were promoted to the rank of professors are getting the same salary and privileges to-date which they were getting before their promotion.
He further said eight doctors were hired by the ministry in September 2010 against the jobs advertised in newspapers. They have not been given a single penny for their services.
Meanwhile, the doctors are yet to receive any assurance from the Ministry of Health, Accountant General Pakistan Revenues (AGPR) and Pims administration over the issue of their salaries. “We have not been given our salaries for the last seven months,“ he said.
“We have asked all of these departments but there have been no answers. After so much of pleading, we feel like beggars,“ he said. Talking to The Express Tribune, Dr Asad Hafeez said the Ministry of Health had forwarded the salary case to the AGPR.

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