NICH Karachi Employees (Nurses) Protest

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National Institute for Children Health (NICH) Karachi Employees Protest on Feb 21, 2011:

karachi: Parents of child patients admitted to the National Institute of Child Health (NICH) have appealed to the government to impose restrictions on hospital staff resorting to protest and strike under one or the other pretext.
The parents on Monday said that the paramedical staff of the hospital who forced closure of OPDs at the hospital, so as to register their protest against presence of rangers in the hospital premises had risked the lives of the kids.
“NICH is one of its kinds of facility in the city as well as in the province where serious cases were regularly referred from private as well as other government hospitals,” said Amtul Mateen, mother of a girl suffering from cancer.
She said that facilities like NICH, as well as every hospital, must be declared centres of essential service with complete ban on protest that threatened the lives of precious human lives.
Mateen said that paramedics who had closed the door of out-patient departments and forced doctors not to work were a cause of inconvenience and concern for the parents.
Ejaz Ali, a representative of NICH paramedics association said that they were forced to protest as one of their colleagues was manhandled by the rangers guarding the hospital.
Ali Akber, father of a child patient, however, supported the presence of rangers as according to him this had to an extent disciplined the staffers.
Executive Director, NICH Prof. Jamal Raza, managed to convince the paramedics to defer their strike and assured that proper investigation would be held to ascertain the details leading to protest by paramedics.
Meanwhile, one of the senior doctors of the hospital said that without citing his name that high-handedness of certain paramedics had emerged as a serious problem.

NICH Karachi Employees Protest (pic)
NICH Karachi Employees Protest (pic)
NICH Karachi Nursing Staff Protest - Emergency Dept Closed
NICH Karachi Nursing Staff Protest - Emergency Dept Closed

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