MS & young doctors conflict on duty roster in DHQ Jhang

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JHANG (Monday, May 9, 2011): Patients forced to visit private hospitals. A tug-of-war between the medical superintendent and young doctors of DHQ Hospital has begun over the duty roster, forcing patients and their relatives to go to private clinics.
Sources said that the duty roster of doctors and paramedics of DHQ Hospital was issued by the medical superintendent allegedly under pressure from senior doctors having good private practice, which was not acceptable for young doctors. The Medical Department specialist refused to attend the emergency duty of the hospital, saying that he would only check the patients at OPD and admitted to the medical ward.
The DMS General was asked to work additionally as causality medical officer (CMO) in the Emergency Department, ignoring the fact that the DMS Emergency was already working there. A senior medical officer of the Medical Department was asked to work as an anaesthetist to give him an opportunity to work at his private clinic in the city. A senior doctor, who had joined the hospital as child specialist, was authorised to run the Radiology Department in violation of rules.
Sources disclosed that some young doctors of the hospital were forced to work in irrelevant departments as the assigned duty affects their private practice, ignoring the fact that some favourites were unnecessarily working in medical and surgery departments. They said that the same discrepancy was observed in the duty roster of nurses and other paramedics. “Radiologist, pathologist and other department’s head have trained some nurses to help them in their work. Later through political-backed staff, they got shifted the trained nurses to their wards and created hurdles for smooth functioning of the radiology and pathology departments,” they maintained.
They added that the situation was affecting working in the hospital and as a result, the number of patients was rapidly decreasing while no doctor was available after 3pm in the hospital. They said that the tussle between senior and juniors doctors was creating hurdles in the functioning of the hospital.
Patients and their relatives have appealed to Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif to look into the matter and transfer the home posted administration officers.

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