Lahore: Punjab government’s tough stance, 2 doctors arrested

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Punjab government’s tough stance, 2 doctors arrested

Young Doctors Protest in Lahore

Lahore (April 2, 2011): Police have arrested two protesting doctors from the Punjab Institute of Cardiology on Saturday.
After being given a 24-hour ultimatum by the Punjab government to call off the strike, the majority of the doctors is likely to join the duty.
The Punjab cabinet decided in a meeting on Friday night that the doctors, who would continue to strike, would be terminated. It was also decided that new doctors would be appointed to give relief to the patients.
The hospitals have assigned emergency wards to senior doctors to facilitate the patients and asked the protesting doctors to join the duty or face termination.
The hospitals have partially started their operations and police have also been deployed there to arrest the doctors, if they try to create a commotion.

(Dunya News Dated April 2, 2011)

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