Karachi: Veterinary hospitals to remain closed in protest

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Karachi: Veterinary hospitals to remain closed in protest
Friday, January 21, 2011
All the veterinary hospitals across Sindh remained closed on Thursday to express solidarity with jobless veterinary doctors and representatives of Pakistan Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA) have expressed their determination to continue their hunger strike at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) till their demands are met.
On the second consecutive day, three key office-bearers of PVMA continued to sit at the hunger strike camp at the KPC to mark their protest against unjust treatment of authorities concerned towards veterinary doctors.
The President, PVMA, Dr Bakhshal Thalho, who himself is observing hunger strike at the KPC, told this correspondent that all the veterinary hospitals of the government would remain close till their demands were met.
He said that the unfair behavior of authorities concerned towards the veterinary doctors of Sindh Province could be gauged from the fact that there were around 3000 veterinary doctors in the Punjab and all of them were employed. Likewise, he said, all 633 doctors of Balochistan had jobs in different capacities and all 380 veterinary doctors in Khyber-Pukhtoonkhwa had jobs. “Is it not absolutely unfair to Sindh’s veterinary doctors that out of a total of 2500 Vets, only 380 are employed!” he said.
This, he said, was despite the fact that there was a total of 975 major or small veterinary hospitals in Sindh.
He said that the government system of veterinary hospitals had collapsed in Sindh due to carelessness of the government and majority of these hospitals had been encroached upon and were being used as leisure haunts of the Waders, or as warehouses, ort other miscellaneous uses.
According to Thalho recently a veterinary hospital in Nawabshah which was constructed in 1916 was demolished and in its place Dar-ul-Aman was being constructed.
Likewise, he said, in Tando Muhammad Khan, a 100 years old veterinary hospital was demolished and the staff of the hospital had been allotted a room measuring only 10X10 yards.
“This is internationally adopted standard that there should be one veterinary doctor to 12,000 animals. In India there is one vet doctor to every 15,000 animals whereas in Sindh there is only one doctor to 125,000 animals,” Thalho added.
He said that things were not just limited to joblessness of the Vets as those employed in some government organisation had no system of promotion during their service career. He said generally a Vet hired in grade 17 in Sindh is retired in the same scale after serving 25 years.
In contrast, he said, other provinces had a proper promotion system for Vets doctors.
He said sometime an employee of junior cadre was made responsible to make annual confidential report of senior Vets.
He said sometime back a five-day token hunger strike was observed in Hyderabad and a prolonged rally was also taken out in this reference. He said three days back they also staged a protest demonstration in front of Sindh Assembly but no authority paid any attention.
He said veterinary doctors also have support of some political parties including the Communist Party of Pakistan, Labour Party of Pakistan, Sindh Tarraqi Pasand Party, and some others for their just cause.
He said today (Friday) all the veterinary doctors would demonstrate on a large scale at the KPC and later on they could also plan a strategy to assemble before the Chief Minister’s House.

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