Homeopathic Doctors Appeal to Prime Minister of Pakistan

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Homeopathic Doctors are also working in Government Hospitals. Now five universities are conducting BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medical Science) Degree Course. The basic qualification for getting admission is F.Sc. The course is of five years of duration.



Curently Homeopathic Doctors are working in grade 15, there is no incentive for them even after serving 25 years. They are retiring in the same grade.

Please make some uniform policy and do allocate something for them.

Dr. M.Sarwar
3D atta mohammad road, shaheen abad, gujranwala
General Secretary:
Graduate Homeopathic Medical Association GHMA

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4 thoughts on “Homeopathic Doctors Appeal to Prime Minister of Pakistan

  1. Dr. M.Zia ul islam

    Dear you can either join IUB in Bahawal Pur or FHMC peshawar to get admissions in above said course.You can earn BHMS degree fron IUB or KMU

  2. Dr, Kamran Athar (DHMS, RHMP)

    Salam. can anyone please let me know about the institute from where I can do Bachelors in homeopathic as I ve already done diploma in homeopathic from Jinnah Homeopathic Medical College Karachi in 2006 and in continuous practice till present.
    My Reg no is (113978)


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