Founder of Homoeopathy Dr. Samuel Friedrich Hahnemann Day

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Rawalpindi (Saturday, April 16, 2011): Tributes paid to the founder of homoeopathy Dr. Samuel Friedrich Hahnemann. Day was observed by the Super Classical Homoeopathic Association (SCHA)
Addressing the ceremony the SCHA President Dr. Tariq Mehmood said several heart related diseases like valves problem, congestion of arteries and cancers, which were not curable through medicines and needed surgeries have remedies in Homoeopathy.
He said many diseases could be treated affectedly if Homoeopathic principles of Dr. Hahnemann are applied in its true spirit.
Dr. Imran Saeed, cardiologist at Benazir Bhutto Hospital, said that the effectiveness of Homoeopathy medical system cannot be ruled out as it has been proven in several cases. He also gave a lecture on preventive measures for heart diseases.
Dr. Shahid Khalil, cardiologist and surgeon at the Shifa International Hospital, some heart related diseases are curable by the use of medicines but a few needed surgeries.
Dr. Muhammad Saeed, cardiologist at Holy Family Hospital, said he has an experience of witnessing several recoveries in acute cases with the use of Homoeopathy medical system. He said every medical system has its own importance. Dr. M Sajjad Khan, senior vice president of the association, said that Homoeopathy has proved its effectiveness in this modern and scientific era.
Several patients suffering from chronic diseases have been cured by the use of Homoeopathic medicines.
Dr. Mehmood-ul-Haqi, Dr. Ishrat Naeem Bhatti and Dr. Muhammad Riaz also addressed on the occasion.
At the end of event awards and certificates were distributed among the doctors from the Super Classical Homoeopathic Association in recognition of their services for the humanity.

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