Dr Mumtaz Haider Murder: Hospitals in Balochistan shut to protest

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Doctors protest against murder of Professor Dr Mumtaz Haider

QUETTA (Wednesday, April 20, 2011): Doctors of the outpatient departments (OPDs) in all major hospitals of Balochistan went on strike on Wednesday to protest against the murder of Dr Mumtaz Haider. The OPDs in all state-run hospitals throughout the province remained closed for the day and no scheduled operation was performed due to the strike. The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Balochistan chapter has announced three days of mourning to condemn the killing, during which the OPDs of all state-run hospitals will be closed. Only the emergency wards will remain open during the three days. The OPDs of all three major hospitals in Quetta, the Sandeman Hospital, Bolan Medical Complex Hospital and Fatima Jinnah TB Sanatorium Hospital were closed due to the strike. The strike will continue for another two days.

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