Doctors rejects Punjab government salary package : Breaking News

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Lahore (Monday, May 9, 2011): Rejecting the government’s package, doctors stop attending OPD of Sheikh Zaid Hospital Lahore.
Doctors of Sheikh Zayed Hospital reverted to strike, saying that the government had offered a meagre increase in salaries that was unacceptable.
Patients are suffering due to the strike in Sheikh Zayed Hospital.
Meanwhile, the talks between the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) and the Punjab government’s committee came to a deadlock on the second day of talks.
The PMA rejected the provincial government’s formula for pay raise, saying that the government only intended to increase the salaries of medical officers while the PMA wanted an across the board raise in the salaries of doctors.
The representatives of the PMA said that the government wanted to allocate Rs 3 billion for heath sector but the PMA wanted that this would only be used for doctors.
Earlier, the Young Doctors Association had called off its strike after one month as the government had assured the doctors that their pay would be raised and service structure would be revised.

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