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Doctors New Service Structure : Career Structure for Health Personnel (CSHP) Ordinance Issued on 24-08-2011.
ISLAMABAD (August 24, 2011) : President Asif Ali Zardari singed the Career Structure for Health Personnel (CSHP) Ordinance thereby giving legal sanction to new career, salary structure and incentives to the doctors while retaining their status as public servants.

Briefing the media Spokesperson to the President Farhatullah Babar said the Ordinance addressed the longstanding demand of medical practitioners and was applicable to the doctors under the federal government.
However, the provinces could adopt the ordinances as it also serves as a model since health had been devolved to the provinces after the 18thAmendment. The provinces have been shown the way but it is for them to adopt their own structures and systems in health services or take a cue from the federal government, he said.
The new career structure has been prepared in consultation with all stakeholders and on the basis of consensus of the medical community and that is what makes it unique, he said.
The Ordinance applicable to all health personnel serving in the Federal health institutions and related organizations under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government would come into force at once and shall deem to have taken effect from 1st of July 2011.
The new legislation envisages replacing the current Basic Pay Scale system (BPS-1 to 22) currently applicable to the health personnel with the special Health Personnel Pay scale (HPS 1 to 13) would be applicable to all categories of medical practitioners including  paramedics and support services personnel, serving in the Federal health institutions and related organization under the federal government.
He said that entry into this scheme would be optional for the existing employees. However, all fresh appointments shall be made under the new scheme.
Every health personnel immediately before the commencement of this ordinance shall be required to exercise an irrevocable option either to continue in the present pay and service structure or to opt for the new scheme within a period of thirty days from the date of promulgation of this ordinance.
The Ordinance envisages that the monetary benefits of all the health personnel under the scheme including pay, pension, perks and privileges shall not be less favorable than those admissible to them before the commencement of Scheme.
He said that the honoring the doctors demand for exclusive career structure along with an independent pay scale and a performance evaluation  system based on evaluating quantifiable targets the government had fulfilled a long standing demanding fo the medical professionals.
Another notable feature of the new career structure was the health allowances which starting with 2000 rupees a month would go as high as 45, 000 rupees a month. The health allowance would be as HPS- 1 to 2 (Rs 2,000), HPS-3 to 5 (Rs 3,000),HPS-6 (Rs 4,000), HPS-7 (Rs 5,000), HPS-8 (Rs 7,000), HPS-9 (Rs 10,000), HPS-10 (Rs 20,000), HPS-11 (Rs 30,000), HPS-12 (Rs 40,000) and HPS-13 (Rs 45,000).
The new enactment links the career growth of health professionals with improvements in professional skills, continuing education, professional experience, research papers and performance laid down by the relevant regulatory bodies from time to time. All matters essentially relating to their service would be governed by the rules prescribed under the CSHP.
The health personnel shall be deemed to be public servants with the meaning of section 21 of the Pakistan Penal Code, 1860 (Act XLV of 1860).
The Ordinance also provides guidelines for making further rules. All rules, order and instructions in respect of any terms and conditions of service or other matters of health personnel duly made or issued which are not inconsistent with the provision of this Ordinance would be deemed to be rules made under this Ordnance.
During repeated strikes by doctors demanding for higher wages and better perks in the last few months, the President and the Prime Minister had promised to revise the entire service structure.
The doctors’ protests that started in Punjab had a ripple effect, with doctors in Karachi and Hyderabad joining in.
The Punjab government also fired 186 protesting doctors and hired 465 new ones.


TheNews 25-8-2011

ISLAMABAD: President Asif Zardari promulgated the ‘Career Structure for Health Personnel Scheme Ordinance 2011,’ paving the way for the implementation of a highly-competitive salary structure and improved prospects for the promotion of health professionals serving in federal health institutions and related organisations across Pakistan.
The ordinance, which regulates the terms and conditions of appointment and service of health personnel, will take effect from July 1, 2011, and has been promulgated on the advice of Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani, who had made a commitment on the floor of the House on April 12 this year with respect to the revision of pay scales and enforcement of the new career structure for health professionals (CSHP).
The new structure, which replaces the Basic Pay Scales Scheme (BPS 1-22) with the Health Personnel Pay Scales (HPS 1-13), will lead to a quantum increase in the salaries of all health personnel including doctors (medical and dental), allied specialists, pharmacists, nurses, paramedics and support services personnel. With the coming into force of the ordinance, the salaries of post-graduate trainee doctors (medical and dental) have risen from Rs18000-20000 to Rs50000, and those of House Officers from Rs18,000 to Rs24,000.
According to the ordinance, HPS-9 (equivalent to BPS-18) will be the entry level for all doctors and dentists; previously they used to be inducted in BPS-17. This also means that the minimum starting salary of a young doctor will now be Rs60,000. A special non-practicing allowance of Rs20,000-80,000 will also be available to doctors opting for CSHP as follows: HPS-9 and 10 (Rs20,000), HPS-11 (Rs40,000), HPS-12 and 13 (Rs80,000). This allowance will be given as a special incentive to ensure doctors’ presence in hospitals.
Besides, all health personnel opting for CSHP would be entitled to a health allowance ranging from Rs2,000 to Rs45,000 as follows: HPS-1 to 2 (Rs2,000); HPS-3 to 5 (Rs3,000); HPS-6 (Rs4,000); HPS-7 (Rs5,000); HPS-8 (Rs7,000); HPS-9 (Rs10,000); HPS-10 (Rs20,000); HPS-11 (Rs30,000); HPS-12 (Rs40,000); HPS-13 (Rs45,000). Those who opt for the new scheme will also be entitled to pension and other personal privileges as admissible in BPS.
According to the ordinance, the minimum and maximum pay scales are as follows: HPS-1 (Rs7,140 to Rs14,496); HPS-2 (Rs7,551 to Rs17,868); HPS-3 (Rs8,025 to Rs20,175); HPS-4 (Rs8,246 to Rs23,933); HPS-5 (Rs9,188 to Rs29,699); HPS-6 (Rs10,472 to Rs35,648); HPS-7 (Rs11,828 to Rs48,396); HPS-8 (Rs22,559 to Rs72,248); HPS-9 (Rs29,561 to Rs89,585); HPS-10 (Rs45,812 to Rs109,022); HPS-11 (Rs54,356 to Rs111,147); and HPS-12 (Rs60,308 to Rs136,619).
Entry into the CHSP shall be optional for the existing employees; however, all fresh appointments shall be made under the new scheme. All health personnel serving under the federal government before the commencement of the ordinance shall be required to exercise an irrevocable option either to continue in the present pay and service structure or to opt for CHSP within 30 days from the date of promulgation of the ordinance.
Health personnel opting to remain in BPS shall continue to remain entitled to all facilities, perks and privileges currently admissible under the existing laws, orders and instructions, as on June 30, 2011. Those opting for CHSP shall cease to be entitled to existing regular, special relief or other allowances. However, they will be entitled to additional allowances, which the federal government may grant from time to time.
The ordinance will also lead to the establishment of a new performance evaluation system for health personnel, with quantifiable targets aligned to their job descriptions. The system will be prescribed by the government on the recommendations of the Pay and Pension Commission 2009. The present performance evaluation system shall cease to be applicable to the health professionals opting for the scheme.
Commenting on the development, cabinet secretary Nargis Sethi termed the ordinance ‘a turning point.’ She was confident that it would prove to be a trendsetter for similar service structure reforms in other sectors as well. It may be recalled that the draft ordinance was finalised after hectic efforts by cabinet secretary Nargis Sethi, Dr Jehanzeb Aurakzai and Dr Assad Hafeez and was submitted to the ministry of law and justice on August 15 for vetting. It was later sent to the PM, who moved the summary to the president for approval. The coming into force of the Ordinance will lead to the restoration of medical services at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), whose doctors have been on strike for 36 days now. The doctors will make an announcement to this effect today (Thursday).

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