Students Denonstrations against dissolution of HEC ( Pics Gallery)

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LAHORE (April 7, 2011): A number of demonstrations were organised by students here on Thursday while strongly condemning the federal government’s possible move to dissolve the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Dozens of students of MPhil and PhD programmes gathered near the Town Hall and protested against the possible disbanding of the Higher Education Commission, saying that hundreds of students were studying on the HEC scholarships and the move would create extreme problems for them to continue higher education.
They were of the view that the federal government was determined to avenge itself on the HEC in connection with its drive of verifying degrees of parliamentarians.At the Punjab University (PU) New Campus, the Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) organised a rally in which dozens of students participated and expressed their resentment over the possible decision.
The IJT Nazim, Zubair Safdar, led the rally in which the participants carrying placards and banners also chanted slogans against the government. Zubair Safdar also alleged that the HEC was being victimised for not “cooperating” with the government in the degree verification process.
Meanwhile, the Insaaf Students Federation (ISF) also held a number of meetings at different colleges and universities and mobilised the student community to stand up and reject the possible closure of the HEC.
It has also planned a big event in the provincial metropolis April 13 in this connection.Ghazali Education Trust (GET) President Waqas Jafery and other office-bearers also expressed concern over the possible move of the HEC’s closure.
They said on the one hand the government had declared the year 2011 as the Year of Education while on the other hand it was taking such anti-education decisions.

(Published in “TheNews” on Friday, April 8, 2011)

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