Rawalpindi: 50pc Schools Short of Science Teachers

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RAWALPINDI, Jan 16: About 50 per cent of secondary schools in Rawalpindi district are facing shortage of science teachers, creating problems for both the school administrations and students, it has been learnt.
There are over 300 secondary schools, both for boys and girls, in the district and majority of them offer science subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. However, these institutions have been unable to resolve the shortage of science teachers due to various reasons.
The teacher-student ratio in the schools offering science subjects is 1:40 whereas two humanities teachers are engaged for the same number of students in every school.
“In boys’ schools, the shortage is 40 per cent and in girls schools it is 65 to 70 per cent,” said the vice principal of a secondary school wishing not to be named. He said the education department was finding it difficult to attract science graduates with bachelor in education (BEd).
It is also difficult to retain them due to low wages, he added.The administrations of schools facing shortage often hire private persons to teach the students or obtain the services of science teachers from other schools in extra time, he said.
Besides, the Punjab government has not recruited science teachers on a regular bases in BPS-16 for a long time and efforts are always made to make up the deficiency through contractual hiring, the vice principal said.
On the other hand, students and their parents have their own stories to tell as certain schools in rural and far-off areas do not offer science subjects and the students have to travel long distance to other institutes. “Every father wants his children acquire better education at the SSC level in affordable fee,” said Hasnat Ahmed.
He said he had got his son admitted to a school in Rawalpindi city and the child had to come from a village near Adiala as private school provided expensive education and no government school offering science subjects was located in his area.
The situation is even worse for girl students as it is harder to find qualified female science teachers and the students cannot go far away from their houses, he added.
When contacted, Executive District Officer (education) Qazi Zahoorul Haq admitted that there was shortage of science teachers.
However, he said the percentage was not 50 per cent. It may be 30 per cent in schools for boys and 40 per cent for girls.
“The shortage cannot be resolved permanently as increasing number of science teachers quit government schools as soon as they get a better job.” He said after the introduction of local government system, the provincial government had allowed the district education departments to engage teachers on contractual basis to make up for the deficiency but the teachers could not be retained on contract.
A science contractual teacher is paid Rs6,500 and people with qualifications in science can easily get jobs with better wages, he said.
The EDO said a proposal had been floated to hire teachers with FSc and BEd as they only have only to teach at the SSC level but the government did not consider the proposal.
(Published in Daily “Dawn” on January 17, 2011)

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    its the responsibility of the Pakistan govt to provide the teachers to that schools, but it need special attention and that is impossible to give the ministers


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