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Islamabad (Saturday, June 25, 2011) : Affected employees of National Education Foundation (NEF) have expressed their fear that the decision of the cabinet committee s meeting regarding continuation of Basic Education Community Schools (BECS) project throughout the country till June 30 next year may not be implemented.
According to information, the sit-in staged by the BECS Project teachers and all affected stakeholders was called off after the cabinet committee in its meeting on June 22 decided that Federal Government would finance the project for one more year.
It has been learnt that a large number of affected persons have expressed their doubt regarding inclusion of this point in the agenda of cabinet meeting June 29, though, the Cabinet Division has been asked to prepare a summary for the same.
Reliable sources said that Joint Action Committee of the BECS Project has started preparing for the various action plans. A mobilisation campaign has been started for a major showdown with the government if they are betrayed and the government fails to fulfil the commitment.
According to information, this time school children numbering 600,000 and their parents including the communities/teachers will assemble at Islamabad in front of Supreme Court of Pakistan and Parliament House.
However, the officers and staff of BECS Project hoped that the government will consider the issue sympathetically in the best interest of people at large. The eventuality of another larger sit-in/protest may not finally appear. Another source told this scribe that the Supreme Court of Pakistan may take up this issue for hearing on Monday (June 27).
(Published By “Daily English TheNews” on June 25, 2011)

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