Karachi: Dawood College (DCET) Principal Salman Baloch Commits Suicide

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KARACHI: Salman Baloch, Principal & Associate Professor of Dawood College of Engineering and Technology (DCET), committed suicide on Monday. Mr Salman Baloch was B.E. (NED), P.E, P.G. Training (UK).
Police said Baloch jumped from the college building. Baloch’s body has been taken to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC).
According to police, the reason behind committing suicide is not clear.
All educational activities at the college for March 29 and 30 have been suspend.

Dawood College Principal Salman Baloch - Jang Breaking News
Dawood College Principal Salman Baloch – Jang Breaking News

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31 thoughts on “Karachi: Dawood College (DCET) Principal Salman Baloch Commits Suicide

  1. S. Hashmi

    Happy Birthday good samaritan. Thinking about you and praying for your family.

  2. Punjabi

    Sirjee Aj ap phir yaad agai. Aap jaisay loog bari mushkil se milte hain is zamanay mein.. Rab appe or app k ghar walaon peer rehman farmaiye. Hum sub ki duain ap k saath hain. InshaAllah insaaf hoga ek din. Is duniya mein nahe tou roz e hisab zaror insaaf hoga.

  3. Khan

    The honourable Professor Salman Baloch sahab was my teacher, my mentor and my guide., Allah apko alla maqam ata farmaye. Aap ki kami aaj b mehsos karta hoon. Hazaron Saal Nargis Apni Benoori Pe Roti Hai
    Bari Mushkil Se Hota Hai Chaman Mein Didahwar Paida….

  4. Tahir Mumtaz

    Allah apko buland tareen mauqam de or apki qabar ko khusada kare. Ap wo mohsin hain jisne ek walid ki tarah rehumai ki. Jo apse ek bar mila hai apko kabhi nahe bhool saqta. Ap hamesha kehte the, “Sabaq phir parh sadaqat ka adalat shujahat ka
    Liya jay ga tuj sey kaam duniya ki immamat ka”. Allah ap per reham rakhe or apke ghar walon go sabre jameel ata kare. Ameen Sum Ameen

  5. Aq.mu

    May Allah grant Jannat ul Firdous to our beloved friend. May he Rest in Eternal peace.
    Ramsha I love you and you make me feel proud being a woman! You are a living personification strength. This event is heart breaking, it has been 2 long years. The way you have dealt with all the negativity with a positive smile is remarkable. The challenges you face and with people like Karn Singh Takkhar harassing you and bullying you, thinking you are a weak woman, your resilience is the perfect answer. I remember you showing us friends the emails/messages from this freak upon rejection from you, including death threats to you and your friends, so pathetic this person is he even didn’t spare your Late father. We all recommended a legal route or at least reply to his nonsense, only you smiled and said, he needs to be dealt with a psychiatrist help and not law and he is not even worth an answer. Yes and I see why, coming here to address his frustration after being blocked by you on all portals is just enough for people to know he is suffering from a mental disorder where he is imagining things.

  6. Charity begins at home!

    “Padamvir Singh Takkhar” are you watching this? If you are a man of substance please contain your out of control and very violent son. Karn Singh Takkhar has caused much distress and harm. If you can’t discipline your own child how do you expect us to believe you can discipline our children? Wake up!

    1. Raisa

      Why is everyone closing their eyes to all of this? A very close and a childhood friend had to face all that is written above. It’s a horrendous act

  7. Khwaja Junaid

    What sort of mental degradation, abasement and self-mutilation can make a person resort to settling some personal score against the women of a deceased person’s family, is beyond my comprehension at least.
    To me, a man who can stoop low enough to slander a woman on public media, loses all credibility at once, and is nothing more than a low-life criminal.
    I have had the privileged of knowing a member of the family in question and have been moved by the grace with which they have always carried themselves and the exceptional consideration they have shown for their fellow humans, and felt it my duty to lodge protest against this abomination.

  8. T.M Qadir

    I have had the chance converse with Ramsha regarding her work, she is the epitome of feminine beauty. Her transcript and her academic records were extremely impressive. I in my career (of 20+years abroad) have not come across many people as gifted, humble and genuine as her. She told me most of her work was inspired by her father and she only wants to make him proud and does not care of what the world thinks.
    The combination of mesmerizing beauty and a sharp mind are too lethal for people like Karn Singh Takkhar/Javeed. As they say grapes are sour.
    Also the height of incompetence in the part of the media, and height of shame for this forum not to have a moderator or a reporting option.

  9. Pathan

    My beloved Professor supported me financially and emotionally throughout my college years. He helped me and nobody even knew. He always said he did not want people to know. Today what I am is because of my mentor and mohsin, Salman Baluch.

  10. Goan

    Karn Singh Takkhar the stalker and the (cyber) bully. Who threatens people of his “influences” which sadly are just hate comments and mails. .If he continues his nonsense, his mails and messages should be made public. I think this girl should set such an example of this man that next time he doesn’t do this to anyone. I have with my own eyes seen what a pathetic person this Karn Singh Takkhar is. And it is not only one girl who he has harassed.

    Karn the hater.

    1. Raisa

      His harassing continues. A very close friend of mine is a victim to all this non sense. Why is there not a column to report this

  11. Solidarity

    Good on you that you tagged this “Karn Singh Takkhar” character.
    I have heard/known of a girl who was abused so much by him that she had to resort to legal help. This man is sitting on his computer writing stuff about art and peace but in reality he is a beast. If he can’t get someone he does this. The other proof is that the name “Javeed” used is actually spelt as “Javed”, any Pakistani would know how to spell it. I am sure he has been rejected and has done this mud splashing.
    Also I was intrigued by the Professor’s news did some research and found that he was a man of utmost character. My deepest condolences to the family for such an irreversible loss.

    1. Raisa

      Something similar has happened again with a dear friend of mine. How is this guy getting away after doing so much.

    2. Karn Singh

      I request you Pakistani youth to not post such incorrect information about me without a proof just because I’m a Indian citizen and shared a friendship with a Pakistani. I don’t have words but feel sad for you people to write such utter bullshit about me. Grow up and encourage friendship and not enemity between us. Make this world a peaceful place and not a place of enemity. May the universe give you all the wisdom not to defame a person you don’t even know personally with such horrible words. Make the universe a better place to live in for all of us.

  12. Zephyr

    I recall Prof. Salman Baluch as a strong, intelligent and a friendly person and his family a most decent one. I believe it’s the cheapest type of enmity in which anyone becomes abusive or resort to character assassination of other.

    May Allah (Almighty) forgive his sins and bless his soul in Paradise. My regards to all his family members, specially Ramsha, as i know her, she is the pride of her father.

  13. Babar Khan

    What have we succumbed to as a people, if we use this forum to take personal vendettas out on the deceased and his family?

    I mean, I fail to understand, how anyone with an iota of human decency can publicly say the things I’ve been reading above. That is the point when you know your family, and friends have failed in their upbringing.

    That is the point you know you are a base animal, roaming around posing as a human being.

    I don’t know what the truth is – But I do know it is far too convenient of a truth for a Grade 21 officer to commit suicide at his workplace. This is Pakistan : Open Your Eyes.

  14. Akber

    He was a great man still remembered with the highest of honors. His family is a respectable one. People posting nonsense about his family are nothing but scums of earth using fake names to slander a girls reputation. The last person who has commented sounds like he has nothing better to do or was himself rejected. Hate and anger is so evident, whoever you are I hope you grow up.

  15. Javeed

    It seemed Prof. Salman Baluch had a lot of stress coming from his home front as well which led to him committing suicide.

    1. Ramsha Baluch

      I was called by my father his crowning glory, his reason to live and your comment does not change the bond between us. As far as your accusations are concerned, it is very easy to use a fake name and say whatever. This World is a place where Prophets and Saints were not spared, I m just a simple human. And calling a girl a “call girl” is the easiest abuse. Cyber bullying is evident in your comment/emails and is a punishable crime. But I forgive you. Here is another article; you calling me a failure does not change the fact that I am a distinction holder and here is the link to it. If this time you do leave your thoughts, please use your real name, Mr. Karn Singh Takkhar. I am not made of wood that burns easily you tried, you can keep trying. May peace be with you.

      1. G. M Baloch

        Sher-e-balochistan ki beti ho. In buzdil logon ki bataon ko maaf kardo, ye bhule hain k khud ek ma k pait se janay hai. Cowards they are.. shame on Karn Singh Takkhar.

      2. Karim K. Shah

        “I am not made of wood that burns easily you tried, you can keep trying. May peace be with you.” What an answer. I was always a fan of the Late Professor. But now I am a fan of his upbringing. Truly the daughter of a man who stood tall. Dignity personified. This lady demands respect.

        I am really sorry for the existence of such a person whose cowardice cant go beyond this. What a waste of a person.

      3. Eng.Mustafa

        Salman Sir was my spiritual father. And I pray to Almighty he gets highest place in Janat ul Firdous Ameen. Genuine and honest. My condolences to the family and specially Ramsha. Brave brave girl. Like your father always said,”Ramsha is my son”. May you succeed in life. Ameen sum Ameen.

  16. Engineer Karim Baluch

    He was my one of best friends form Dawood college of Engineering in 75-80’s and technology.he was a jolly person and open heart fellow.I met him last time in a wedding party of Mr. Saleem Nathani ( Pak steel & Aghakhani community) in Garden area some around 1999 – 2001. with his family ( it was my first and last meeting after his marriage ) As he told me he was suffering from diabetic. However was the circumstances May Allah forgive his sins and his soul be in peace and give him a place in elevated paradise Jannat ul frdous . My deep sorrowful condolences to his family and friends.

  17. salal khan

    salman baloch was a highly intellectual person and friends of minority so thats why some pressure group has fell that salman is great barier for us so that is why they removed him……………..it is the historical fact that baloch r not more to develope if baloch r going to be develop then it will be problem for pokistan .salman baloch murderd by mqm ,jui and isi …….he is myrtyred and baloch nation get revenge of salman equall to thousand pokistani

  18. rizz

    he had weak vision, how did he go upstairs and how the hell did no one notice and how can a man of his age be so swift and athletic in climbing and jumping. HE DID NOT COMMIT SUICIDE. these are mysteries that normal people like us do not understand. HE IS A LION REMEMBER THAT!
    and in response to Mr. Syed Abdullah. Things are not always what they seem! history is manipulated and facts are hidden. So please be a responsible citizen if you can not speak highly of him then please remain quiet!



  20. syed abdullah

    correction please……he suicided nearly about 12:45 pm. i saw him jumping with my own eyes.
    and he had a meeting with action committee and after that he had a meeting with the college staff and as he came out of the meeting he went to the 3rd floor and just jumped down.
    He was a very strong person with a very sharp mind….dont knw what came to his mind and he suicided.

    1. Arbie

      you are cheap! looking for cheap publicity by reporting incorrect news. Grow up!

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